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Trifox and the Secret of the Lost Remote Control - PS4 | 5, Xbox Series X | S | One, PC, Nintendo Switch - Big Sugar, Interactive Glowfish - 13/10/2022

  • Publisher: Big Sugar
  • Developer (s): Interactive Glow fish
  • Release date: 13/10/2022
  • Platform (s): PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox Series X | S | One and PC
  • Type of game: action, adventure, platform
  • Languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese,
  • Number of players: 1
  • Tested on: Nintendo Switch When his house is attacked and his remote control stolen, Trio embarks on a trip to pursuit of mysterious burglars in a adventure game overflowing. Call on magic, strength and various fanciful gadgets to triumph over your enemies through four worlds filled with dangers and make your way up to the big bad guy!

Objectives are simple but effective:

  • Find Trio's remote control so that he can continue to watch his favorite program.
  • Beat the big bad wolf wanting to reign over the world of our hero


Trio is a platform-action-film, you can with the left stick to direct your character while with the right you choose the direction of your character's gaze. Which may be useful for aiming.

At the start of the game you can choose between 3 character classes: The engineer uses a backpack to allow him to deploy a wide variety of structures and gadgets The mage with his mystical capacities launches powerful distance attacks. In addition, he can control these enemies with lures as an example. The warrior, for his part, shatters with great hammer.

In addition, thanks to the hub you will have access to a bunch of capacities, 30, which you will unlock by collecting parts throughout your journey. For my part I had opted for an engineer, with shooting, fire turrets, missile turrets and walls.

The character moves with a certain heaviness and the camera angles are not all top. Sometimes this prevents us from understanding where we have to go. Some bugs are to be seen, but I will tell you about it later.

In order to finish the story you will need 6 hours. But the lifespan can be increased at 3 p.m., if you want to find all the hidden objects in order to finish the game 100%.

Artistic direction:

The choice of a low-poly 3D may seem surprising, but here nothing to complain about, I will even say that it was a wise choice. In addition, 3D-rich 3D is accompanied by superb light effects. On the other hand as I rather said the angles of camera views are not always well adapted, in this game the angles of view are fixed which allows us to concentrate well on our character but its night, sometimes, to the 'Action of the game.

As for music,..., nothing special except that they accompany the action.

Negative points?

For me one of the biggest negative points is a bug that I had several times by facing the end boss in his robot, this is unrolled during the last phase. I lost several times against him, but at times I did not inflict him with damage, and he did not inflict me, whatever the shots or lasers. Another oddity during the fight against the boss. By falling from the platform sometimes the game teleport to me in a vacuum, until I have no more life.

Otherwise, just a few collision bugs, nothing more to say.


Ah! If I forgot the lifespan a little short Conclusion:

Trio is a game with old-school accents, it is inspired and claims it from the old platforms. A slightly short lifespan? For me, yes because I loved this game, both in portable and Dock mode.

When I finished it I said to myself: already.

Despite these faults, I really recommend this independent game which costs only €19 99 on the Store of Nintendo.

-Gameplay a little heavy -Lusts of packages -Lifetime -The camera

-The graphics -L'Humor -The different classes -A original story -Boss fights


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