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How To Make Level 3 Sandwiches In Scarlet and Purple Pokémon. The Secret To Making Your Life Easier In Scarlet And

The secret to making your life easier in scarlet and purple Pokémon is to know what kind of sandwich eating. In return, those delicious sandwiches grant Meal Powers, such as an increase in Pokémon eggs or finding certain types of Pokémon. However, the best sandwiches are not made with poor ingredients, but with the finest and most rare herbs. So, here is everything you need to know about how to do level 3 sandwiches in Pokémon and Purple.

How to make a level 3 sandwich in scarlet and purple Pokémon

In your search for the best level 3 sandwiches in scarlet and purple Pokémon, you must first be the game. Yes, it is an annoyance, but it is the only way you can make the most powerful sandwich. This is because the secret ingredient is to achieve one of several types of mystic herb, such as Salty Herbs Mystic or Bitter Herbs Mystic. Obtaining mystical herbs means challenging the raids of 5 and 6 stars, which cannot be unlocked until after the credits are exhausted. Once it is out of the way, you can start building level 3 sandwiches, including X1 Pickle, X1 Pepin, X2 Herbs Mystic and X3 of the same special ingredient. Now, that last part changes according to the type of Pokémon you would like to find; For example, using X3 Tofu will produce normal type Pokemon more frequently.


  • Insect: tomato cherry
  • Dark: Smoked fillet
  • Continue: avocado
  • Electric: Yellow pepper
  • Fairy: Tomato
  • Fight: Pepinillo
  • Fire: Red pepper
  • Flying: Ham
  • Ghost: Red onion
  • Lawn: lettuce
  • Terrestrial: Ham
  • Ice: Law stick
  • Normal: Tofu
  • Poison: Green pepper
  • Psychic: onions
  • Rock: bacon
  • Steel: hamburger
  • Water: cucumber In addition, you can mix most of the types of mystic herbs, but there are some exceptions that you must take into account.
  • Mix x2 sour herbs mystic will not work if you are looking for normal, ice, ghost, fairy, dragon and ghost.
  • Sample and sweet Herbs cannot be mixed.
  • Mix x2 Sweet Herbs Mystic will not work if you are looking for water type, normal, dragon, fight and fairy. With that, you have everything you need to know about how to do level 3 sandwiches in scarlet and purple Pokémon. The most difficult part is getting mystic herb; The 5 and 6 stars Term raids are not a joke, so prepare with your strongest team. Related Posts
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