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All characters and voice actors in Horimiya


If you have simply speech all the characters and voice actors in Oriya and want to know who gives voice to your favorite characters in the popular anime program, then you are in the right place. Horizon and Miyamura-Kun, or better known as Oriya, is the adaptation to the anime of the hero manga series and Daisuke Hardware and the original webcomic of Horizon to Miyamura-Kun de Hero.

The anime program is about a high school student, Kyoto Horn, who has been hiding another side of all, and Izmir McNamara, a friendly person who has no remedy to study. In this article, we are going to take a look at all characters and voice actors in Oriya.

All characters and voice actors in Oriya

Oriya officially announced the cast for folded in English last year and for this list, we have included voice and Japanese voice artists. That said, all the characters are shown below with their respective voice actors in the anime:

Japanese dubbing actors

  • Hanuka Tomato as Kyoto Horn
  • Loki Chicana as Izmir McNamara
  • Seiichirou Yamashina as Too Ashikaga
  • Yuri Osaka as Yuri Oshawa
  • Nobuhiko Nakamoto as Baker Senior
  • Mao as Remi Kawasaki
  • Queen Condo as Sakura Noun
  • Died Yamashina as BYU IRA
  • Jun Fukuyama as Kane Manage
  • Take Bashir as Touch Hindu
  • Should Chiba as Mario Gandhara
  • Memo Sakura as Honor Canada
  • Daisuke Ono as YouTube Horn
  • Ai Kazan as Yumiko Horn
  • Yuma Murasaki as South Horn
  • Hispano Keynote as Motor IRA
  • Haney NATO as Reiko Hiroshima
  • Satsuma Fujiwara as Iago Izmir
  • AOI Chicana as Cairo Wannabe
  • Yuma Hi rose like Yogi Gandhara
  • Say aka Sending as China Chico

Dubbing actors in English

  • Marisa Durán as Kyoto Horn
  • Alejandro Saab as Izmir McNamara
  • Zeno Robinson as Too Ashikaga
  • Ana iris Quinones as Yuri Oshawa
  • Believer Russ ape as Baker Senior
  • Maritza Delgado as Remi Kawasaki
  • Celeste Pérez as Sakura Noun
  • Christoph Lewin Ramírez as Touch Hindu
  • KIA Walker as Mario Gandhara
  • Alpha You as Honor Canada
  • Bill Butts like YouTube Horn
  • Marissa Lent as Yumiko Horn
  • Emily Fajardo as South Horn
  • Azeem Marsha as Tamika
  • Erica Méndez as China Chico
  • Shawn Gain Like Yogi Gandhara
  • Jordan Cruz as Cairo Wannabe

At the time of writing, the 13 episodes of season 1 have been broadcast and are available for every1. The last episode entitled You would give you the sky was broadcast on April 4, 2021, for Japan, while on May 8, 2021, for English spectators. That is all characters and voice actors in Oriya. To get more guides and news, be sure to check.

Outstanding Image Source: Cl overworks

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