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GTA San Andre becomes Five Nights at Freddy's in a spooky mod, Grove Street 404

They say that the Romans were the first to call clsic Greek art and that they did it because they implied that they knew how to be before something timeless, given something that would not become fhionable. Continuing with its definition, there is no major clsic in this industry than GTA San Andre, which continues to surprise us more than 18 years after its launch (a distant October 26, 2004). The lt reon for his return to headlines and news is Grove Street 404, an incredible mod that transforms GTA San Andre into Five Nights At Freddy's.


Developed by Piotr Relabel and available for free in this link, Grove Street 404 proposes us to monitor the most famous neighborhood of GTA San Andre, we do with the FNaF pizzeria, or following the mechanics of other illustrious of the horror genre I'm on observation duty. In the skin of a kind of software engineer who performs quality control, our duty is to verify that the camer work correctly and inform of anything strange that they capture them.

time pses, our character's conversation with his friends becomes more and more disturbing, also happens with Grove Street herself, in which objects begin to disappear, move things from place and appear entities that We are not sure if they are quite human. A psychological, narrative and short experience, around half an hour, which guarantees constant tension and some other scare. An essential tribute to San Andre lovers.

We come up with few better ways to wait until the departure of GTA 6, from which after all its leaks (map, era, protagonists...), most likely we will take even more to know about it.


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