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All about Warzone's Nonchaguerra 43

The subfamily Nonchaguerra 43 is a weapon that has been present at the goal of Call of Duty War zone since before ending last season. Then you could find his guide in Life Extra. Now, I tell you again everything you should know about this weapon... but in the current season. It is still one of the most chosen weapons by the community.


Nonchaguerra 43 of War zone

If you follow the weekly summaries of the War zone weapons, then it will not be surprised to tell you that the subfamily Nonchaguerra 43 is an indisputable goal. He has enduring in the top of the boards week after week, and it seems that no other weapon can dethrone it... at least for a long time.

According to Ranked, it has 10.9 Pick ratio points, being the most chosen weapon with a two-point difference; 1.22 of K/D ratio and 3.31 of victories ratio, 9th position in the last two cases at the time of writing this analysis.

It is clear that it is the most popular War zone weapon and that its performance is not far behind. Now I show you the best selection of accessories, so you can destroy with it:

What you see is what there is: a subfamily with a wild cadence , which consumes the 55 bullets of each charger without you realizing. Good mobility and control. Recoil? Little or n1. Shot from the hip? Dangerously effective. Finally, your damage allows you to erase any enemy with plates in the blink of an eye. In short distances it is 100% lethal.

Finally, with what weapon to combine this wonder? The Lorenzo anti-tank sniper is not a bad choice to destroy long distances. You can also opt for the XM4 assault rifle, for example.


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