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Marvel Games says no to a UCM in video games

Whoever had the hope that Marvel would do with video games with the movies, it is better not to be taken to disappointment: Each study will have the freedom to build their stories , although always in collaboration with Marvel.

How In an interview with, the creative director Bill Roseann h said that this is not the approach they have outlined for video games. Unlike movies, the different titles are licensed to different companies and studies, so they prefer that creators have the freedom to create their own history without being constrained by decisions adopted by other people in other games.

The key, freedom

The world is incredibly familiar and receptive to the multiverse, Roseann acknowledged. We have all these different realities. Now that they are all real, we want to offer everyone the freedom to tell their history. We do not want to say 'you cannot explode the moon because this game of another studio needs the moon.' We want to give freedom to everyone so that they have a free way to tell their story.

View the amount of games that are currently under development, it is normal for each of the developers to travel its own path. Insomniac Games works at Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine . On the other hand, 2k Games will publish Marvel's Midnight Suns, while EA Motive Studios (Star Wars: Squadrons) is developing an Iron Man title. Sky dance outlines a production with Captain America, Black Panther and other superheroes.

Among the most recent titles launched to the market is Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS4, PS5 and PC. Worse luck ran Marvel's Avengers , developed by Crystal Dynamics for previous and new generation consoles, well puter and Google Stadia. The services model failed to function, and now the study h stopped belonging to Square Enix after reaching an agreement with em barracks Group.


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