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Guide for beginners in Roblox Anime Story - advice and prompts in anime

Anime Story-an exciting anime game on Roblox, full of adventures, epic battles and magic. Explore the open world and interact with recognizable anime characters, performing quests. In defeating enemies, you will create your character with improved characteristics and new powerful abilities and equipment. As soon as you gain enough strength, you can fight with other PVP players and try to climb to the top of the leaders table. Here are some tips and recommendations that will help you start.

How to reborn in nine-story

Reefing is used to continue the development of your character even after reaching the maximum level. This allows you to preserve all the skills earned, but again restart the levels to add more characteristics to them. To be reborn, you must reach 100 level and go to blessed lands . As soon as you reborn, you will get multiplier This facilitates the receipt of XP and becomes even more powerful.

How to get new abilities in Anime Story

Anime Story has many forces and abilities, all kinds of skills and rarities. To get more abilities, you must use alter's call find in the settlement of adventurers . It costs 100 precious stones each time and give you random ability. There is no guarantee that you will receive significant strength from the first few attempts, so you will have to continue to do this as often as possible. Any repeated abilities turn into fragments used to improve your abilities.

What is awakening in anime story?

Awakening is also randomly bought at Summoning Alter. Unlike abilities, they are not aimed at applying damage to enemies. Instead, they are more focused on increasing the general view of your character skills and skills and making them stronger for battles, such as increasing speed, strength and health. Your awakening is equipped with n key, and you can see next to your health and energy meters.

How to get precious stones in anime story

Precious stones are an important collection currency, since they are necessary to buy new abilities and awakening, and you can get them in several ways. One of the simple ways to collect precious stones is perform side quests . You will notice certain NPC scattered for each location with the heading side quests above them. These quests, unlike most of the main quests, will reward you with precious stones, and sometimes a lot of experience than usual.

You can also get a more significant number of precious stones through awards menu. These achievements, such as the achievement of a certain level, infliction of damage, increase the bounty or revival, will give large awards in the form of coins and precious stones. Be sure to periodically check the remuneration page to demand them. The reward button on the right will appear in green text when there is a new achievement that you need to apply for. It can be a little more difficult to get them than coins, but you can also get them for free with random codes.

How to get a weapon in anime story

Like abilities and awakening, weapons are used in battle to damage enemies and destroy them. Nevertheless, the weapon does not require energy, which makes it an excellent replacement for use in battle when your energy is exhausted. You can get weapons in a few ways. One is to find NPC coaches around the card. They can teach you various combat techniques as a weapon and do not require any coins or materials such as a blacksmith.

You can also get a weapon by interacting with blacksmith in settlement of adventurers . It can create for you various things that cause decent damage and provide protection. Nevertheless, they will require you to get the right materials and coins which can be found on a map or on enemy mobs.

How to get coins in anime story

Coins are an alternative currency for precious stones and can be collected by completing Basic quests or random side quests around the card. You can also randomly get them from certain enemies when you win them, for example, bosses. The higher the level of the quest that you will fulfill, the greater the reward you will probably receive.

You can also jump in time of time on a hill above settlement of adventurers . He teleports you to a new server for AFK. This is a great way to get awards, such as coins, without the need to grin enemies and will allow you to move away from your device at any time.


Why do you need coins in Anime Story?

Coins can be used for buy valuable items for your character, such as weapons, equipment, potions or craft materials. Many of them are located in the settlement of adventurers or in other places. Safe areas and can help you in your journey through anime historian, providing protection, increasing strength or increasing energy. You can also use coins for replay your random face of the character and get a new set of eyes and expressions.

Who are the allies in anime-story?

Allies can be extremely useful in the performance of quests and the destruction of enemies is much easier. These are other online players that will not receive any damage from your abilities and can help you in the passage of the quest. To get an ally, open allies menu on the right side of the screen. Everything is available players in the game will be listed. Click on Name will automatically send that person request of an ally . They must also accept their request, choosing their name in the list. As soon as both requests are made, you will no longer be able to damage each other and will share the tasks.

Here are some tips and techniques that will help you start your journey through anime historian. So many things are waiting for its discovery, from potential abilities to powerful weapons. Continue to develop your character to get a revival, and you will become strong enough to win other players in PVP!

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