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German U 17 celebrates the very first win at the end of the end

The video game remained interesting up to nine minutes prior to completion, prior to Brunner, that had actually already scored the only German goal in the defeat against Uruguay (1: 3), made the very early choice with his second goal of the day. The German U-17 national group celebrated the initial win in the last of the 3 games of the four-nation tournament in Duisburg. The video game in Medal started furiously: the sphere fidgeted 3 times in the initial twelve mins. Luck pleased except the Uruguay game The four-nation event served as preparation for the upcoming European Championship credentials in October. In Monday, the DFB choice meets host Monday, Latvia as well as Slovakia. The U-17 juniors achieved a successful end to the tournament. Other than for the initial game in which the attitude of the Uruguayans shocked us, I am pleased with the event, said Luck, who saw the training course as instructional: To name a few points, the games revealed him that there were no much lo

Marvel Games says no to a UCM in video games

Whoever had the hope that Marvel would do with video games with the movies, it is better not to be taken to disappointment: Each study will have the freedom to build their stories , although always in collaboration with Marvel. In an interview with , the creative director Bill Roseann h said that this is not the approach they have outlined for video games. Unlike movies, the different titles are licensed to different companies and studies, so they prefer that creators have the freedom to create their own history without being constrained by decisions adopted by other people in other games. The key, freedom The world is incredibly familiar and receptive to the multiverse, Roseann acknowledged. We have all these different realities. Now that they are all real, we want to offer everyone the freedom to tell their history. We do not want to say 'you cannot explode the moon because this game of another studio needs the moon.' We want to give freedom to eve

Will a pumpkin shotgun return to Fortnite, chapter 3, season 4?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 introduced several new elements in the game, such as the chrome-made HERALD boss, which arrived at the card. Many of the old POI were replaced by new locations in the Chrome style, and various weapons were not removed. A pumpkin shotgun is one of the most popular types of weapons in the game, and, of course, fans are looking forward to whether this gun will be available in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. This is what players need to know about the return of a pompom shotgun to Fortnite Chapter 3. Season 4. will a pumpkin shotgun return to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4? will the charging shotgun return to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4? will a pumpkin shotgun return to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4? Although there is no official confirmation from Epic Games, it is likely that a pump-hand shotgun can return to Fortnite, chapter 3, season 4. Pomp-shotgun is currently not in the prey bullet. , and it was not in the official blog released by developers non-reinforce

Guide for beginners in Roblox Anime Story - advice and prompts in anime

Anime Story-an exciting anime game on Roblox, full of adventures, epic battles and magic. Explore the open world and interact with recognizable anime characters, performing quests. In defeating enemies, you will create your character with improved characteristics and new powerful abilities and equipment. As soon as you gain enough strength, you can fight with other PVP players and try to climb to the top of the leaders table. Here are some tips and recommendations that will help you start. How to reborn in nine-story How to get new abilities in Anime Story How to get precious stones in anime story How to get a weapon in anime story How to get coins in anime story Who are the allies in anime-story? What is awakening in anime story? Why do you need coins in Anime Story? How to reborn in nine-story Reefing is used to continue the development of your character even after reaching the maximum level. This allows you to preserve all the skills earned, but again restart the levels to add mo