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NASA Danuri shall be successful.

[USA Florida Cape Koneveral = Joint Report Reporter] Danuri's challenge will be successful, and it will find the answer to set the candidate for the moon polar land landing.

In an interview with the Korea Journalists' Joint Foundation on the 3rd (local time), John Guy, the US Aerospace Office (NASA), the head of the Space Exploration System, said, We will be able to cooperate in the fields of the US moon exploration and communication networks around the moon in the future.

NASA developed a shadow cam to observe the moon's polar regions and published it in Danuri.

The following is a question and answer with Deputy Director John Guidi.

Q. What is NASA expecting this duty of Danuri?

A. Danuri has a number of mountains, including Shadow Cam developed by NASA. These equipment will confirm candidates for landing in the moon polar regions. For now, there is no enough information to make that decision, but you will find the answer through Danuri mission.

Q. Danuri's flight trajectory is a very rare trajectory. Moreover, Korea is the first space exploration challenge. Do you think this flight will succeed?

A. Of course, it will succeed. We spent years for this mission. In particular, the Korean team, which designed the BLT trajectory, is very clever and has experience through our past moon exploration missions. The track was reviewed with experts from NASA's Godard Space Center, Jet Promotion Research Institute (JPL) and Johnson Space Center. Therefore, there will be no problem, and flight will be very successful.

Q. Danuri will fly to the moon for 4.5 months after launch. What is the cooperation of NASA in this process?

A. Since we have prepared thoroughly for years of preparation for the mission, there will be no problems in the several months of flight. The Korean teams are very trained and the simulation has been conducted several times. The Korean team continued to discuss the NACA Johnson Space Center mission management and reviewed various situations. At this time, I think there is nothing to do other than watching Danuri's entry into the moon.

Q. I have been working with Korea for a long time. What do you think of Korean partners?

A. Korean partners are awesome. They are very academic and technical. I understand the difficulties of flight until the moon. I had never had this experience. That's why NASA has brought about experience and lessons. There was also a mission that we did not work well in the past. I shared these things with the Korean team. Therefore, we are very hopeful about this mission.

Q. NASA continues to challenge large space challenges such as Artemis. Is there a field that needs cooperation with Korea?

A. I think there are many areas of cooperation with Korea. I hope that Korea will be able to exercise its capabilities while developing Danuri. We will go back to the moon, and we hope to stay long, not to stop by this time.

Meet So I think it is also necessary to build a communication network around the moon. Establishing a navigation network like KPS, which is carried out by Korea around the moon, will help the moon mission in the future. Many countries are currently looking for cooperation, and NASA hopes to cooperate with many countries. This network system can be used by everyone and hopes to be.

Q. Why do you want to go to the moon?

A. The moon is a very interesting place. In the 60's, it was a national challenge, but now economic opportunities and scientific opportunities are growing. We will go back to the moon because it is a challenge to extend our existence to the solar system. Ultimately, I hope to go to Mars. Of course, it's very far, but you have to start somewhere. That's the moon.

Q. Did NASA work with Korea this time?

A few years ago, I hoped to cooperate with NASA in Korea, and now we are working on Danuri. It was a great partnership. At the time of Korea's proposal, we had no mission to the moon. There was a moon track, but it was aging and could not acquire the image we wanted. This cooperation was a perfect partnership.

Q. Korea plans to send a moon lander in 2031. If you recommend the moon landing mission, what is the field?

The polar regions of the moon are very interesting because they are permanent shades. There are frozen substances that have been accumulated for billions of years because the sun does not shine. Water or sun particles will be stored. If you make a base on the moon, you can get the fuel you can use there. If Korea makes a lander, it suggests to explore the polar regions of the moon.

Q. Do you think there are enough water for humanity in the polar region?

A. I don't know yet. At present, there is water in the polar region. Perhaps there may be frozen or other things. You will be able to dig them in the future.

Q. Please ask Korea what strategy is needed to explore the heartworms.

A. Space travel and exploration are very challenging. When our designed system goes to space, it can be operated slightly differently. What I can suggest is practice, practice, and practice. You should check the system on the ground and understand the system before going to space. Except for remote management, you can't fix it once you go to space. You must understand the spaceship you created yourself.

Q. What does the space launch system (SLS) to carry on the exploration line of the Artemis project mean to the United States and NASA? What is the success rate?

A. NASA spends quite a lot of time to return to space. SLS has faced a lot of problems technically and budget. But SLS is important to us. I went to the moon in the 60's, but it was a short journey. The SLS system is a system that will repeatedly go with everything with one mission. We are planning to spend more time on the moon. I hope to cooperate with several partners on the moon surface. It will be a permanent activity, not just a trip. The possibility of success is 100%.


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