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Interview with Cygames, a rogue light action successor to Little Noah Paradise. Why rogue lights and why Little Noah?

Cygames announced on June 28, the successor of the Little Noah Paradise . The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC (Steam). Delivery has started today. The genre is a rogue action game. It is interesting just to make a rogue light action game, but it should be noteworthy that it is being developed using the IP of the mobile game Little Noah, which has been regrettable and finished. In any case, the development of Little Noah Paradise has been tagged with Granding, and the Cygames director loves Rogue Light Action Games. In addition, Cygames will also sell the overseas version of this work in-house. Anyway, this work is full of newness and challenge. We asked the developer to know the background and back side of the production.

Rogue Light Actions Rogue Light Game

── Can you introduce yourself? At the same time, could you tell us your background?

Hiroki Matsuura (hereinafter Matsuura): This is Matsuura. He is a manager and senior director of the director section at Cygames Co., Ltd. He used to be a director entitled Dragaria Lost with Nintendo. He was involved in the operation for a while, and after baton touching to Okada (Yuji), launched this work at our consumer business headquarters. Before that, I was a director in the company, such as LINE Paper Dash World. Going back further, he was a Planner for Armored Core with From Software and made games in Brownie Brown (currently 1-UP studio). You've made various things with consumers and smartphones.

Kengo Shibata (hereinafter referred to as Shibata): I'm Shibata. He is the director of Granding. He joined the company, and this is actually the first project. Previously, I made games with level fibers. He was in charge of planning directors in Ninokuni and was also involved in Cardboard Warriors.

Thank you. Then, please refer to The successor to Little Noah Paradise.

Matsuura: The successor to Little Noah Paradise is a horizontal scroll rogue action game that anyone can enjoy. This is the title created for a bright Little Noah, taking advantage of the cuteness of the characters, including the main character, Noah Noah. Not only those who liked Little Noah would like many people to pick them up.

─ ─ What was your encounter because this work is a joint development of Cygames and Granding? How did you cooperate with the development?

Matsuura: When our representative Watanabe received approval of this work, there were actually no vacant staff in the company. The Consumer Business Headquarters is producing long-development titles such as Granblue Fantasy: Relink. So I decided to look for an external company. Under such circumstances, Yonekura, who is the art director of this work, came to Granding who took care of him at a random company, so it was hard to see you.

Mr. Shibata: When we talked, there were many staff members who liked Little Noah. Also, this time, the development scale was well created by our company, so the story was decided.

──Please tell us about the role and team size of the Fig.

Matsuura: On the Cygames side, I am a director, one 2D illustration art director, and one main scenario writer participates. Sometimes I got an anima design in a spot, but it's a small group.

Mr. Shibata: We dropped the outline of Matsuura to the specifications and proposed mechanisms and designs. The implementation of the game part is as if we did it. I received the 3D model here, but of course we are adjusting to the action now. Our development was about 30 at the maximum.

Matsuura: Recently, in the indie title, there are many people who have made high quality works with very small groups, so I thought that they could not lose.

──What was Matsuura personally attracted to Granding?

Matsuura: Futaki (Yukio), who is the representative director of Granding, was a person who made Panzard Lagoon, so I thought that Granding would have some knowledge of making action games. Also, I talked a little with the engineers, and that person was also particular about action games. I think the action game is very important, and I'm very particular about it. No matter how good the planning and direction are, I think that the fine texture is a part that you can only do unless you know the person who actually makes data. For that reason, I decided to ask Granding.


Matsuura: In fact, it didn't start with the use of the IP of Little Noah, but the game system was first. When I talked with Watanabe about what to make, I often made an action game, so I was told that it would be better to use a 2D horizontal scrolling action game, so I thought about it from there. 。

At that time, I was addicted to the Rogue Light Action Game called DEAD CELLS, so I wanted to make something like that. The development period is also compact to some extent, so if it is a rogue-light horizontal scrolling action, you can play time while reducing the amount of resources, and I like it myself, so I thought it was a perfect title.


Matsuura: I love games, so I play the released games from one end. I'm looking forward to every Thursday (a lot of games will be released). When the date is switched, I often look into various game stores and buy and play a lot every week. I'm playing a lot of games anyway. Among them, the shock when I played Dead Cells, which combines the actions and actions, was amazing. I thought I would make an interesting combination. I played various genres, including PCs, and started to make it myself.

──Do you have any other games of the same genre?

Matsuura: I also love NEON ABYSS, Hades, Rogue Legacy, and Risk of Rain2. In addition, UNDERMINE, SCOURGEBRINGER, and Orbital Bullet are also fun. Recently, the genre is a little different, but I think 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN is also interesting.

──I'm playing a lot!

Matsuura: Yes! There is also a reference from the rogue light action composed of rooms.

Includes elements unique to this work

─ ─ ─ ─ 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、

Matsuura: Incorporated various elements. For example, the action part incorporates a combo that uses a lot of friends. Speaking of old games, there were games that allows you to assign characters to buttons to the buttons, such as Valkyrie Profile and Xenogears. They were RPGs, but I wondered what would happen if they brought the system in a horizontal scrolling action game. In addition, I wanted to incorporate the appeal of raising and organizing a party like a smartphone game.

Eventually, I wanted to make a system in which new friends increased when I entered the dungeon, with the rogue lights. With this system, even when you start over, you can get a new character again.

However, when I wanted to create such a game system, I realized that it was difficult to make it in a short period of time. So, I realized that I should use Little Noah, which was made of quality graphics that was not a problem even if I put it out with a consumer. There are already characters, and there are many fellow characters, and I thought this was perfect.

── I see! In addition to the use of IP, there is also an aim to reduce the development period. interesting. By the way, this work gives the impression that the graphic part is gorgeous and very rich, such as effects and designs. Are there any parts that were particularly important during the development in terms of visuals?

Matsuura: I made it to aim for something that seems to be gorgeous and everyone looks fun. For example, children who are playing Super Mario and Kirby of the Stars are conscious of painting so that they can think that there are also fun games.

Regarding the tutorial, we received several suggestions from Granding. They are firmly incorporated into the system, such as the part where text and pop-ups are prepared. This is also the part where the power of the development team is demonstrated.

── I feel the ideas for ease of play.

Matsuura: I was very careful that anyone, including beginners, can play. I think that the horizontal scroll-type action game that goes on while dying is a genre for experts even if you play yourself. The point of how to have a wide range of people play it is the part that everyone was worried about. I was worried about whether to make the effects more cute or pop. Sometimes I skipped the stars and hearts, and reconsidered that it was really different. There were many trial and error in how to express the world view.

Little In the Steam store, etc., there are rogue lights as genres in the first place, and many similar action titles are now released. However, I think it's a genre that is very famous for core gamers, but there are still many people who don't know. That's a waste. When I wondered what to do to deliver to those who don't know more, I thought I needed a more catchy appearance, a bright atmosphere, and a mechanism that would make it clear someday. There should be no other titles with these content, so if you play this work, everyone will surely understand the fun of Rogue Light Action...!

──The story is relatively well prepared in this work, but it has an unusual impression for a rogue game. Please tell us about this aim.

Matsuura: The aim of the motivation that players want to proceed first is great. I thought the next thing that would be a hook that I would like to see is a story.

I also thought that the so-called old JRPG-like scenario was important to have various people touch. There is a mystery, there is an enemy, and there is a process of gradually getting along with friends, and finally making friends with friendship. We believe that the strength of the story will lead to satisfaction. Therefore, I wanted to prepare a proper scenario from the planning stage. It is a form that I made while consulting with the scenario writer.


Matsuura: Rogue light works have many low-priced titles, so I think it's a story if it can be compressed. So you probably will cut the cost and focus on the game. And probably, the people who are making are so-called soul-like games. I wonder if there is an intention to imagine the world by scattering keywords rather than pulling in the story. It is a personal expectation.

Small and large ingenuity

── This work felt that the camera in the game was closer to the other Rogue Light Action Title. Is there any intention here?

Matsuura: I wanted to make the character look bigger. Noah is cute, and the astral characters I have are very cute, so I have the intention of having them feel close to them. When I had many people play, I wanted to get the character to be interested in it, so I was conscious of the approach of the camera. I thought that pulling the camera would definitely improve the visibility, and I think it would be easier to use ether threads, so I tried and errored many times during the development. It was a conflict with the magical power or charm of the game screen of the drawing camera (laughs)

──I also felt that the hit stop of the battle (the production that stopped for a moment when the attack hit) was heavy for the rogue light.

Mr. Shibata: Actually, this is the one who reduced it. Originally, I had a hit stop in various places. And in fact, now, hit stops are only included when the enemy is fainted and the stars are out and when they die. I adjust it between motion and effects, but the hit stop is actually there. Of course, we value the action that makes you feel responsive and comfortable to return the attack. The flashy and hand-friendly appearance is because Cygames was cherished. I try to put it in a key point, but make it not too heavy.

Matsuura: In the middle version, I sometimes put the hit stop heavy. However, it may be flashy, but it was hard to play for a long time, so I pulled it. This is the part that I've been adjusting for a long time.

The programmer did the hit stop processing. At the time of the attack, there is a slight slow that has not actually stopped, such as a hit stop, but it is made with awareness of how to get out and scale. He dropped it in a comfortable place that was not stressed and fits in a comfortable place.

。 The system in which the total strength changes depending on the astral and accessories you have, and the system changes the rank depending on the total force is easy to understand. How was it introduced?

Matsuura: It was introduced from a very early stage. I intend to make the player feel the growth. From the planning stage, I thought it would be better to be able to see the feeling that the number of friends increased and became stronger and stronger. Actually, Dragaria Lost also gave numbers in the form of strength, and I think it is probably a common system in social games.

── Oh, it was certainly in Dragaria Lost. That's why I remembered it.

Matsuura: Yes, I just think that this is probably the first time I implemented it in the Rogue Light action game. There are other intentions. In this work, various characters will be friends, but the number that can be incorporated into the combo is decided. Nevertheless, I want to show that it is getting stronger by increasing my friends, so I display it in the form of a total force. Depending on the stage of the total force, the attack power parameters are also added. In addition, the notation of the total strength also means that not only the friends but also the accessories you have obtained are all the power of the player.

──This work also felt good. Did you take the time to adjust it?

Matsuura: The adjustment continued in a way. Apart from simple debugging, I had to make fine adjustments all the time. I had rom every week. When the game was visible to some extent during the development, I played it and returned the feedback, and had it reflect again the next week. I've been doing it for about a year, so I continued to improve it very much.

── ──Cygames title all has a good touch, so there was a team like a touch section inside the company, and I was wondering if it was checking it.

Matsuura: There is no touch section (laughs), but the presence of the representative Watanabe may be great. Watanabe is also very particular about the feel. In addition, since the officers are all gamers, not only in Watanabe, the quality of the entire Cygames work may be ensured by being exposed to strict checks in the upper layer from the early stage of development.

── Rogue-light games gives the impression that many titles are adjusting the balance by gaining feedback from users in early access. Did you consider early access distribution in this work?

Matsuura: We also considered early access. Watanabe also talked about whether we should do it because there is such a way of making it recently. However, it still deprives the fun, or the impact when it comes out first will fade. So, I think it's fun for those who play with Don. For this reason, this time, including promotion, we made a large announcement at once.

──How did you adjust the balance without early access? Was it implemented only within the development staff?

Mr. Shibata: I agree. During the development, I had people in the company who had never played play and listened to their opinions. You sucked that opinion and did a lot of feedback again.

Matsuura: In Cygames's company, several people participated in test play. Since I was a manager of the Cygames director section, I had other directors play and incorporate opinions. After that, there was a flow of hearing the opinions of various people at the stage where it was completed and incorporating it.


Matsuura: Certainly, we are playing for the difficulty level. However, the people in the company who played were beginners, so they were told that it was difficult, and it was a flow of lowering it accordingly.

Mr. Shibata: Therefore, after all, I repeated that opinion at key points to have people who have never touched them touch. The entrance should be easier.

Matsuura: In the latter half of the development, there was also an adjustment that the hit points of King and the iron giant should be reduced to two-thirds.

── Certainly the boss's physical strength is a slightly more impressive impression. Is it a remnant of test play in the development staff?

Matsuura: I agree. Also, there is also an aim that the person who has a lot of physical strength of the boss is easy to understand the feeling of becoming stronger. When the build is successful and the attack power is rising, it is easy to understand that I'm strong now in the boss battle. Even with the same boss opponent, the feeling of play should change. That's why I wanted to secure some boss hit points to some extent.

Mr. Shibata: In a sense, it is a mountain where you can try your own play, such as checkpoints, so it is adjusted to make it a little hard.

─。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 It's an adjustment with a focus on that.

By the way, the consumer title of Cygames is an energetic impression after the release. Is there a plan to update after the release in this work?

Matsuura: Yes, we plan to put out two DLCs. In addition, a free update will be delivered according to the timing of DLC. As the first free update, I would like to add high difficulty content. This is undergoing acclaimed development now. And the contents of the first DLC that appear at the same time are two types of animas, three astral, and five accessories. These will be made as one package and will be released as DLC. Regarding DLC's Anima, the first one Princess Connect! I'm making Pecoline's costumes in Re: Dive]. The second one is Uma Musume Pretty Derby. I'm preparing special week costumes. I want fans to play. Both will be sold as a set with the original Anima.

──It is the strength of Cygames that can collaborate with the powerful title IP.

Matsuura: Thank you. Everyone was happy. Kimura (Yuito) also accepted me. I put the content of wanting to use Pecoline's costumes in the material of about 5 or 6 pages in advance, but at the moment the meeting started, it was okay (laughs).

──What was the development period of this work?

Matsuura: As mentioned earlier, a large project is in progress at the Consumer Business Headquarters, so Watanabe told me that this work would be created in one year. Actually it took a little two years.

── Still, this quality is two years. Please tell us why development has progressed smoothly.

Mr. Shibata: It may be because the exchange was dense. I heard that this proposal was good, and the balance was good. After the direction was decided, it did not stumble in the contents of the game. It was hard until the direction was decided.

Matsuura: At the first crash and build stage, it took about six months to 10 months for the current combo mechanism. After that, I was able to make it and stack it without any blurring. There was a story about whether to add volume on the way, so I added a new medium boss, bosses, and the game mechanism, but otherwise it was smooth.

Actually, today is the first time I have met Shibata directly. I couldn't meet because I was remotely remotely because of the corona evil, but the online connection such as ZOOM was very strong. I always met twice a week with a regular face, and when I had something else, I exchanged it with Slack. When the message came with Slack, it was very convenient because I could start talking just by pressing the button as if I would talk a little now. In that sense, we were able to consult with each other as if we were really next to the desk.

Perhaps, if such an online connection was weak, I would like to talk at a regular time or make time later. It's great to be able to contact us online and talk in detail.

Speaking of Cygames, there is a strong image of Unity. Could you tell us why this work was adopted?

Matsuura: Unity was actually adopted by Granding.

Mr. Shibata: I asked the person in charge, but I think it was because I had to repeat the tread error early because I had knowledge. I wonder if I can make the fastest and try to try and error.

──It's a personal impression, but I felt that this work was also guaranteed quality and has a lot of volume. The price is 1500 yen. I felt that it was cheap personally, but please tell me the background of the price setting.

Matsuura: We think that it is a very strategic price as a developer. In fact, it is the first attempt as a Cygames this time, being a download monopoly and launching worldwide at the same time. So, there is an aim to know us as much as possible, or to understand that we can make an interesting game. In a sense, it is a self-introduction price, or it is a challenging price that wants various people.

── By the way, how much play time is assumed?

Matsuura: I think it's more than a dozen hours for a fast person if it is only clear. I think it will take about 20 hours to play carefully.

Mr. Shibata: If you compress all elements such as the ark repair, you can play for more than 50 hours.

The struggled part, the skeleton of the game

── Can you tell me where you struggled the most in making this work?

Mr. Shibata: I struggled until the current game was completed. In the alpha stage, I took time to repeat trial and error before taking the combo to connect the combo with astral (like a deck card that can be used for action). At first, Noah himself attacked with a weapon. That's why I was trying a system such as throwing astral and attacking. At that time, I was quite lost.

Matsuura: When I wanted to give some characteristics, it was a difficult task of how to put a combo into game play. As I said first, Valkyrie Profile and Xenogears I was thinking are RPG, so there is no jump button in the first place. On the other hand, this work is an action game, so I want a jump button. After that, I wanted to be able to attack the hero, so I assigned the attack button. Then, since the assigned buttons are not enough for the combo, I added the effort of combining while pressing the R button.

Then, the presence of the integrated astral became thinner. So, this time, I took a longer time as Astral could actually work. For example, in the early Astral, the rutus slashed three times while walking and finally launching the enemy at the end. After that, as Shibata-san said, I tried throwing an astral or making it huge. When I showed it to Watanabe, I was told, This is already Pikmin. After that, there were really many trial and error, so I had the hardest time to reach the mechanism of the current combo.

──What made you come up with the mechanism of now?

Matsuura: To tell the truth, looking back on the development, it must have arrived at the current version early. However, as a result of trying various things, it seems good that I could find it and get it after I got it.

Mr. Shibata: I struggled to use astral properly while ensuring the comfort of the action. I tried various things, but it was best not to be too complicated. If the astrals come out more and more in one button and attack, you will not be required to have simple, easy to handle and expensive player skills. If you can afford it, you can build a combo considering the combination. Eventually, this is a good direction.

─。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 Did this area be adjusted in detail?

Matsuura: It's hard to use it once to make a combo once, so I aimed for a normal attack combo in a normal action game. The time it takes to use the next and the time to reset the order of the astral are adjusted relatively shorter.

Mr. Shibata: After that, I worked hard and divided the attack and skills. At first, I was worried about costs because I had to prepare two actions for each astral. However, when I took the plunge, I used to use the action properly, and it became interesting.

──Please tell us the recommended astral for your skills.

Mr. Shibata: If it is a single unit, it is highly recommended to recover Dino.

Matsuura: The same astral can be used for both combo and skills, so I think you can use both. In addition, as you proceed with the game, you will be able to equip two types of skills, so it is recommended to use them depending on the situation. For example, Wine's skills are effective for enemies that are hard and unprecedented. Also, Hilda's skills will pick up Zako enemies more and more, so it's useful when you want to connect a combo. If you tighten it with Hilda skills at the end of the combo, it will lead to a good feeling. I think that if you use it for recovery, as Shibata-san mentioned earlier, you can use it for combo so that you can use it according to the situation.

─。 As an example of a combo that changes in the order of astral, please tell beginners and advanced rows of recommended units.

Matsuura: If you are a beginner, I think it would be easier to capture a ground character, focusing on fire attributes. Because this work tends to attack methods for each attribute. Ultimately, the combination of accessories and astral is made so that it is better to squeeze it in the same system.

Mr. Shibata: If you unify with the fire attribute, the proximity attack will become stronger, so I think it will be quite stable. Conversely, the wind attribute is quite for the expert. When you connect the combo, the firepower rises steadily, but you have to move around, so you can ask for a technique. I think good people can hit great damage.

──Is the fire introductory, is the wind advanced? It's interesting that there is an attribute that matches the player's arm.

Matsuura: I wanted to develop a game play. At the start of the game, I think it starts with the fact that you have five astral. After 5 bodies, I think I will play as if to switch to a strong astral. So, if you get a rarity and high-strength astral, you should incorporate it into the party. Next, considering how to become stronger, it is designed to build a specific formation in a combination of accessories and astral. When I decided to change the game play, I decided to divide it with attributes in an easy-to-understand manner. The base is that if you collect attributes, you will be stronger.

There are many enhanced elements, so those who are not good at action will be able to repair the ark and then aim for clearing with a perfect system. Of course, you can clear it without repairing the altar, and I think there is a wide range of ways.

── This work has various attack options. Was it designed from the beginning?

Matsuura: In fact, ether thread is a kind of attack when you repeated a lot of prototypes. It was really fun and I liked it, but it wasn't a fresh attack, so I cried and cried. However, at the time of having an astral combo system and trying to increase the volume, I decided to incorporate it, and asked Granding to revive it. This is an obsession, or my selfishness (laughs)

Of course, the source at that time had disappeared, so I rebuilt the same thing again. So, I made a new specification in combination with the mechanism of the current combo. In the old days, the time was slow and it was possible to attack distant enemies, but now it is a specification that a combo is reset and can connect the combo. I think you can assemble and follow your favorite combo, and you are bitten by the mechanism of the current combo.

Mr. Shibata: It can be used not only for attacks but also for avoidance, so I think it is the ability to use it more and more as the player skill goes up. At first, I was told to revive, and I was saying, Is it Uhmaji? (Laughs), but I'm really happy to put it in.

I heard that the introduction of RTA elements is also being considered. It was a bit unusual for the map to introduce RTA elements in an automatic generation-type game.

Matsuura: There is a little annoying place, and we are consulting within us. If you do it exactly, I think you should enter the seed value directly and play with the map fixed, but it was not possible to reach it, so we are currently considering it. I hope that the update can do something that replaces it. I think it will be about the second time of the free update, but I hope that RTA can add some compact fixing elements that are easy to use.

The charm of Little Noah to look back again

─。 Please tell me again the charm of Little Noah that you think.

Matsuura: I felt a cute character and a strong charm in the lively world. The background of the characters was blurred with a stronger depth of the subject. As a result, I thought that it was a very good art design, with the real effects of the characters, and a little toy. Also, it was a wonderful world view that steam punk elements were scattered. It's like the main character Noah's eyepatch, a lonely feeling in the ark, or something like brass. I also felt personally attractive.

Mr. Shibata: I am so. I was particularly attracted to the characters. Noah is of course cute, but the characters such as Astral and enemies were also very cute. Because it was a design that was preferred regardless of the choice, I thought it was a very good title in a world view that was easy to get on.

─ ─ ─ ─ 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二

Mr. Shibata: It's cuteness.

Matsuura: Of course, the cuteness, but the voice of Ayana Taketatsu is also very matched. And what, the thighs...? (Laughs) The rest is personality. It is a character that does not dent in anything, and it will be a rogue light game system that will be redone many times.

Mr. Shibata: It is a character that is bright and willing to solve everything by yourself.

─ Speaking of which, the voice of Noah's role is also a variety of voices. How much is there?

Mr. Shibata: There are 150 variations only for battle voices. In the scenario, there are many different voices. I asked me to record before the game system hardened, so I missed something that didn't fit.

Matsuura: In the action game, there are many parts that can be attached, so I thought that there were many variations, so I thought that I could enjoy the change in the tempo, so I prepared a lot. Also, the scenario team that wrote the script has been recording a lot so far, so I had a voice that should be prepared from such knowledge.

─ Speaking of Little Noah, I think the illustration of Cydesignation's Akihiko Yoshida is a great attraction, but is the art staff involved in the previous work supervised in this work?

Matsuura: Actually, the supervision is not included. However, I thought it was necessary to understand the essence, so I started this project and asked Mr. Yoshida to greet him after getting OK from Watanabe. He said, I'm going to make such an action game by using Little Noa. At that time, we asked what intention was designed. So, when I asked Mr. Yoshida about the scene where Noah became a huge anima, he told me that it was actually Melmo-chan. Not only is it simply huge, but that's a girl and an adult. In order to make it out of this work, I change my head a little, change the balance of Noah's face, and apply a lip to get a little closer to an adult. We understand Mr. Yoshida's intentions properly, and we are very careful about design and worldview.

─ ─ ─ ─ ─ さん が が が が が が が が が が が が が 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、

Mr. Shibata: We were not at all. I think that new characters such as zippers and gray are really familiar with Little Noah. I was surprised because I thought it was supervised (laughs)

Matsuura: The design staff was very careful about the shipper and gray. In the previous work Little Noah, there are no adult men. So, especially gray is designed with very careful balance and eyes and nose. Illustrations are too real when they are too real when they are finished, so they have a deformation. Also, the zipper is also a character that feels like a cat, but in the previous work, there was no character that looked as it was. Therefore, the person in charge took care so that there was no discomfort when arranged with other characters in Yoshida's design.

──So So, is this work a new Little Noah expressed by Cygames today, rather than inheriting the previous work?

Matsuura: I agree. The writer is also handled by another. In order to make it easier for new people to enter, it is a subtitle of Little Noah Paradise instead of Little Noah 2. Also, the story is the day before, so that it is easy to enter without knowing the previous work at all.

Of course, the story of the previous work had a concept, but it was not completed. Even if we make a continuation without permission, we may feel uncomfortable, so we made it as the previous day. After reading the scenario of the previous work, the setting of the world, and the novel version, I talked about the novel version and the previous work. It will be our original, but we are working hard so that there is no discomfort. I wanted you to feel the connection of the series, so there are some ideas such as the characters that appear in the novel in a small conversation. I don't want people who liked the previous work to be disappointed, so I want you to love this work even though the genre has changed.

─ ─ Did the Cygames company also ask for this kind of element to do this?

Matsuura: There was no such instruction. With our respect. There are some aspects that make it difficult for adventures, but I leave what I need to take care of. With my experience so far, when I make a series, I think that I must first like the original work. After you like it, you'll want to make something that is not embarrassing to digest yourself and go out to the world.

─ This work has a lot of Little Noah elements, but where are the parts that the previous fans should look at here?

Mr. Shibata: I want you to pay attention to the fact that Noah can be operated. Also, I think that you can see the astral moving from the side, not the standing picture, is an interesting part that was not in the previous work. Astral and others have a voice, so I'd be glad if you could pay attention to such cuteness. In addition, the astral and others also incorporate the characters in the previous work as much as possible.

Matsuura: In this work, the distance of the camera is set close as mentioned above, so you can see the characters large. It is a part you want to pay attention to.

── Then, I will enter. This work feels the size of the frontage, of course, but what do you think will be attractive for gamers?

Matsuura: I don't think there is any other game that can make original combo of various variations so easily. If you are a reader who is reading Automaton, I think this is a salt plum that makes you feel like this. Recently, I thought that Samurai Libringger (our active gaming media PLAYISM is released) is a bit similar. However, I think that Samurai Libringger is a way to expand the width close to the command input, so that's a little different.

The successor to Little Noah Paradise is more narrowed down to the horizontal scrolling and combo. In a horizontal scrolling action, it is a game where you can form a combo freely like a fighting game. I think this is a unique character. Of course, you can make your favorite combo, and when you get a friend of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting, you can also enjoy this kind of good ad lib combo. I think these points will be pierced by core gamers.

Mr. Shibata: Since this work is a rogue light, of course, it will be a game cycle that will die and return, but you can clear it without dying. I want you to try such a challenge. In addition, if the conditions are well-formed, you can reach the upper limit of 9999. Luck is also involved in building the strongest build, but if you get there, we're very happy.

Thank you for your time today.

The successor to Little Noah Paradise is on sale for Nintendo Switch/ PS4/ PC (Steam).

[Interview / edit] ayuo kawase [Sentence] Hideaki FUJIWARA


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