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Interview with Cygames, a rogue light action successor to Little Noah Paradise. Why rogue lights and why Little Noah?

Cygames announced on June 28, the successor of the Little Noah Paradise . The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC (Steam). Delivery has started today. The genre is a rogue action game. It is interesting just to make a rogue light action game, but it should be noteworthy that it is being developed using the IP of the mobile game Little Noah, which has been regrettable and finished. In any case, the development of Little Noah Paradise has been tagged with Granding, and the Cygames director loves Rogue Light Action Games. In addition, Cygames will also sell the overseas version of this work in-house. Anyway, this work is full of newness and challenge. We asked the developer to know the background and back side of the production. Rogue Light Actions Rogue Light Game Includes elements unique to this work The charm of Little Noah to look back again Rogue Light Actions Rogue Light Game ── Can you introduce yourself? At the same time, could you tell us your background? H

Mount & Blade II will appear on consoles in late October

The strategic action about the life of a medieval warrior Mount & Blade II was sold three million copies. This was reported by the developers in an interview with Disket Kutusu. But soon this amount should increase significantly, because thanks to the Xbox Achievements Internet resource, it became known that the console version of the game will be released on October 25, 2022. Perhaps this date will also become a full release for the product, because now it is in the early access stage. Mount & Blade II became available on March 30, 2020 at the Steam site. But now, according to new information, it will also be released on the PlayStation 4 \ 5, One and Xbox Series X \ S.

Open World Action RPG ‘Wonsin’ on June 23rd to GeForce Now

** ** -Various environmental support such as Windows PC, Mac, and Chromebook in 80 regions, powerful membership benefits available -In search of a lost family, the mysterious story development in various regions such as the Tibaat continent -The unique culture of Tibat continent, exploration of story, more city and characters later The global interactive entertainment brand Hoyo Bus announced today that its open world action RPG will be launched in more than 80 countries and regions through NVIDIA's cloud game service GeForce Now. With this launch of this GeForce Now, users can enjoy through various devices such as Windows PCs, Mac, and Chromebooks. GeForce Now is serviced by NVIDIA in most parts of North America and Europe, and is provided by partner partners of GeForce Now in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and South America. GeForce Now Membership varies depending on the region and partner, and NVIDIA's regions can u

Report: Joker 2 will be a musical ... with Lady Gaga

A week ago many were excited to know that the script of Joker 2 was already finished, thus being a direct sequel to the film that everyone liked in 2019. However, this time there could be some changes That they are not liking everyone, since the tape would be taking a total turn to its gender within the cinema. It is reported that _Lady Gaga is in the first conversations to star in Joaquin Phoenix The creation of the director Todd Phillips , and we must not forget that Phoenix hired. This although a photo of this reading the script is shown, it does not mean that Warner Bros. Pictures and he has already reached a final agreement. As for the participation of Gaga , the details about her character remain secret, but it could be Harley Quinn , a psychiatrist who falls in love with him and becomes the partner and partner of He in crime. In addition, as she is located in an alternate universe to that of tapes such as Suicide Squad, it is justified that she is not Margot

Action game Shanti -Curse of Pirates

On June 13, free distribution of the PC version SHANTAE AND THE PIRATE'S CURSE was launched on June 13. If you log in to your account or create a new one, you can hold it after the period. The distribution period is until 22:00 on June 15th. Also supports Japanese display. By the way, the title is $ 19.99 (approximately 2600 yen). SHANTAE AND THE PIRATE'S CURSE is the third horizontal scroll action game in the Shanti series. It was released in 2015 for PCs. The main character, Chanty, is a half-gene girl with her mother and her mother. However, her magic power inherited from her mother has been lost in her past battle. In this work, magic lamps and various pirates gears appear as an alternative to magical power. You can enjoy new actions that make full use of these items. It is the real pleasure of this work to survive a formidable boss battle and stage gimmicks with a variety of actions. Shanti lost her magic power in her previous work, but she continued to protect the p

Announced Mars SF Sliller TPS FORT SOLIS. Learn the mystery hidden in the fortress that no one is gone

Developer Fallen Leaf/Black DRAKKAR Games announced on June 10 the science fiction thriller action fort sol . The compatible platform is PC (Steam). FORT SOLIS is a third-person thriller for single players. The stage is the frontier of Mars. Jack Leary, an engineer, responds to an alarm informing the routine. When he arrives at the dormant fortress for Solis, he realizes that no one is there. As the night goes up, the situation gradually worsens. The mystery of what was made for Fort Solis gradually revealed with the crews. Jack aims to escape Fort Solis and survive with what he discovered. It is said that there are several scenes in this work where the story changes depending on the behavior of the player. The world of this work is said to be as immersive as the cast performance. It is said that Fort Solis is composed of nine individual structures, and each has the ground and underground. Players say they can explore the surface of Mars or go underground, and the progress route

This Lady Vashj Cosplayer from Wow guards your animal set

Naturally, figures such as Ciri, Aloy, Ellie, as well as Geralt are pretty good for cosplays. The costumes required for this are quite complex, but at the very least these personalities are all humanlike. However various other breeds, such as the Zora from The Tale of Zelda, can additionally produce rather excellent cosplays. cosplay for Lady Vashj awaits you in the caverns of the serpent shrine Even more cosplays from the world of computer game cosplay for Lady Vashj awaits you in the caverns of the serpent shrine It is tough to envision how she intended to boost this magnificent cosplay, because she currently resembles an actual NPC from the video game. Far, it has not yet been recognized whether the cosplayer would certainly likewise sign up with illidan. Exactly this figure symbolized the cosplayer Kaolinitedreams, and it can certainly be claimed that she did an excellent job with her cosplay. She worked on her cosplay for a whole year, but considering that she desired to wea

Hidekazu Yukawa: the face of the Dreamcast has passed away. in 2021

Netling the famous Sanshirô Segata of the Saturn period, Yukawa had actually accessed the celeb by climbing itself to the specific niche of what was already the last chance for Sega. In this year 1998, the leader of CSK, theholdingwhich will hold a great component of Sega up until the turn of the 2000s, found himself under the limelight to ensure the promotion of the Dreamcast, and also wash the affront of Sony in the wake the success of the PlayStation. An individual financial investment considered so convincing by the Japanese public that his face will decorate the first copies of the device marketed in the land of the sun-Levant. A Dreamcast which he will certainly go by himself on the day of the leave in all Akihabara, the electronics area, as our nationwide Greg never fails to recall, present on the scene in this November 27, 1998. _ M. Yukawa had died? Mr. Yukawa treated me well in several means and that makes me sentimentalstates Yûji Naka, that will additionally have actuall

Do you expect a Saturn and Dreamcast Mini? Sega has explored the idea, however they give more troubles that Mega Drive

The truth is that managed to do a wonderful job , with a very mindful equipment and an option of games that, despite some lacks, really well showed the amazing magazine that the 16 little bits gained. Currently, the hedgehog firm has returned to present a brand-new classic hardware and also has repeated with Mega Drive, but this time around it has done it with its second version. A Saturn Mini might have been incredibly expensive Yosuke Okunari, Equipment manufacturer of SEGA The inner hardware of MD Mini can not work correctly the saturn games , as well as both establish and produce new chips collections of chips Throughout the pandemic it is a pricey and hard process , Okunari clarified, that admitted that if they had actually proceeded with a Saturn Mini, it might have been exceptionally expensive **. The producer has actually joked by claiming that he wishes to launch a miniature console that coasts as long as an actual modern-day console. When it comes to the launch of

How to buy a combat pass in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a mobile version of the Diablo series, also available on PC. With this new platform, new functions appear, such as a combat pass. This can make you ask how to get a military pass in Diablo Immortal and whether to buy it. What will I get in combat pass? is it worth buying a military pass? How to get a military pass in Diablo Immortal How to get a military pass in Diablo Immortal You cannot purchase a military pass in Diablo Immortal until unlock it . You will unlock it after performing the quests at the Eshold cemetery and at the Eshold estate until the gap of the crazy king enters . These will be levels from 15 to 20, so you will not need much time to get a military pass. What will I get in combat pass? There are two types of Combat passes in Diablo Immortal-a free and paid version for $ 4.99. There is another paid version that costs $ 14.99, but it mainly opens the Battle Pass levels at the beginning. Here are all combat awards in Diablo Immortal. In the p