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Elden Ring: Fan demake for the Game Boy in progress

No joke: A hobby developer is making an "Elden Ring" version that will be playable on the old handheld.

The video game manufacturers produce loud remakes, but the fans demake. It now seems to have a tradition to put on big hits as games in retro look. Not too long ago, for example, Bloodborne PSX raised a lot of attention. The free action RPG forms part of the PS4 masterpiece of From software in an optics as we know it from the first PlayStation. In general, the titles of the Japanese developer mentioned seem to be very popular with hobby players, when a demake of Elden Ring is now in the works. In this case, the maker Shintendo goes back in the past than the Creator of Bloodborne PSX.

His version of Elden Ring is not even three-dimensional, but comes in a classic game-boy look. That means: Monochrome 2D graphics with top-down perspective that is reminiscent of the first Pokémon games, but also The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Since Shintendo from Elden Ring does not make role-playing with a round-based combat system, but all arguments with enemies run in real time, the comparison with the first handheld adventure on the left is all the more suitable.

In the upper video, Shintendo demonstrates the Elden Ring tutorial area together with the first boss fight, which does not seem to be easy to win even in the demake. For info: In the original, it is intentional that you fail because of this encounter (which does not mean that you cannot defeat the boss).

Elden Ring Demake For Game Boy Coming | GameSpot News The demake not only has the look of a game boy game, it will also run on the old Nintendo handheld, according to Shintendo, who develops the title with GB Studio 3.0. He has not yet decided how big the project should be. At least he hoped to finalize Limgrave, the start area of Elden Ring, until the end of May. And implementing this area completely into 2D alone would be a lot of work and an impressive performance. If we have aroused your interest, you should take a look at Shintendo's Twitch channel. There he streams live from time to time, as he works around the game, the next time on Friday at 11 a.m.

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