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All Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Data Card Locations

While most of your time you will spend it attacked assault soldiers and defeating the Sith gentlemen in your attempt to overthrow the Galactic Empire, you will also have the task of tracking a lot of collectibles that you can spend on improving your characters in the trees of Game skills. . One of the rare collectibles are the data cards that are scattered on the 23 unlockable central planets in the latest Star Wars collection of Traveller's Tales. Here is How to find the 19 datacards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga .

Where to find the 19 Data Cards in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

  • Data Card # 1 - Exagol - Citadel Sith
    • Once you have dropped into the elevator from the landing platform at the beginning of the level, turn left and upload the stairs. Climb the chain and walk carefully through a pipe to reach the first datacard.
  • Data card # 2 - KEF BIR - Place of the accident
    • Follow the way of the medium and turn to the west when you arrive at the north exit. The Datacard is behind the cabin.
  • Data Card # 3 - Endor - Village Ewok
    • Follow the spiral path on the side of the tree and shoot the vines and the lever to reveal the following data card.
  • Data Card # 4 - Coruscant-Federal District
    • In the northwest of the map, you must jump to a path that runs next to the large building and follow the narrow path to find this data card behind a blocked red force field. Stand in the two nearby buttons (you will need to use the second character to help you) and you can pick up the fourth data card.
  • Data Card # 5 - Coruscant - USCRU District
    • In the southern end there is a floating building. You will have to jump a fence (a button will appear when you are standing next to it) and then walk to pick up the next data card.
  • Data Card # 6 - Jakku - Advanced Post of Niima
    • North of the map, there is a boat engine protruding from the sand. Open on my way down to get your next prize.
  • Data Card # 7 - Takodana - Castle of Maz
    • To the west of the map there is a tower that you can grab to the top. Press the red button and the following datacard will appear on a chest.
  • Data Card # 8 - Crait - advanced start of Crait
    • Next to the landing platform there are some stairs. Climb the stairs and fight up to a platform to find the eighth data card.
  • Data Card # 9 - Bespin-City of Clouds
    • In Center Plaza, use the Breaker Blaster in the bright crack and then fight to grab the ninth data card.
  • Data Card # 10 - Base Hot-Echo
    • On the right back of the base there are orange shelves marked with blue lights. Hold yourself out here and follow the shelves to get your next data card.
  • Data Card # 11 - Dagobah - Swamp of the dragon serpent
    • The southeast there is a tree branch. Focus to him to have the eleventh data card in your hands.
    • Data Card # 12 - Mustafa - Mining Complex **
    • North of Klegger Corp, you will find a set of stairs. Near the rock wall next to the large tubing, fight for the twelfth data card.
  • Data Card # 13 - Geonosis - Colmena Stalgasin
    • In the cannon area, look for grip points that go up on the side of the wall. Increase and then follow them on the side of the cliff. Fight once again and you will find your next data card in a small cave.
  • Data Card # 14 - Tatooine - Yermos de Jundland
    • Place your light saber on the mountainside next to the old Ben Kenobi house and upload. Use the force to fix a grip point to the wall. Skip and fix another grip point to the wall using force. Continue jumping through the mountain and soon you will get your gloves at your next prize.
  • Data Card # 15 - Tatooine - MOS Spain
    • Go to the Slave Quarters section at the top of the map and find your fifteenth datacard behind the buildings.
  • Data Card # 16 - Tatooine-Mos Eisley
    • In Civil Quarters, you will find it on the side of a building. You will need to use the strength to raise three boxes to make a set of stairs to put your gloves on it.
  • Data Card # 17 - Kashyyk-Kachirho
    • Through South Beach, head towards Tree Vikkilynn and follow the road until it is divided into three. Take the road on the left and follow it up to an outside area. The data card will be hidden in a corner on your left.

All 19 Data Card Locations in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga! * Data Card # 18 - Yarvin 4 - Great Temple * Hold on the beam inside the temple and grab the penultimate. * Data Card # 19 - Bay of Cantonica-Canto * In the Old Town area, grab some buildings and descend to a balcony to get your final datacard.

What you get to collect the 19 data cards

You can use Datacards to unlock new modes, Easter eggs, enhancers and traps. Essentially, they are like another form of game currency. In addition, you must trap them all if you are looking for the coveted platinum trophy, or if you are looking to get 100% of the achievements in the game.

Phew! There you have it. We hope this has helped you. Find the 19 Datacards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga . If you ask what are the secret unlock codes or you are curious about what is in the Deluxe edition of the game, we have all the information you need. And to get more information, see some link links below. Search to get more


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