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10 Best Free Games on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers a large game library, and we all deplore Nintendo's propensity to keep its games at a high price. But what you may not know is that there are still many games you can download without paying a cent.

There is a good amount of free games that you can download now on your switch, but we have reduced them to our top 10 favorites.


A Mastodon of Games as a service, Warframe was launched for the first time in 2013 and spared a path to the Grind many players. Participate in tons of missions to equip your combination, meet all kinds of enemies and NPCs, and do not pay anything for that.

With the recent HEART OF DEIMOS update, this is the perfect time to dive.


Although often described as Monster Hunter-Lite, Dauntless is more than just cl1. Yes, the goal is to confront all kinds of creatures to get the right material to build armor, weapons and more; The links with Monster Hunter are obvious.

But this free game offers a much more accessible version of this game and gives it its own version. It takes the formula and makes it so that you can enjoy it.


Who has not played this phenomenon yet? Yes, Fortnite is available for you to play on the move with your switch, and it does not make much compromise to do it. He always plays very well, there is a huge community and you can do everything where you want.

You can skip up now and enjoy the next Nexus War event.

Antiatic shelter

This management simulator is originally released to create the media hype for Fallout 4 and has lost nothing of its charm during the year since. You can download it for free in your switch and have fun filling your own Vault-Tec Vault with characters that only a Bethesda game could have. The writing is funny, the gameplay is addictive and the game is shameless Fallout.


An absolutely delicious combat game that offers tons of content for nothing. Although you can unblock more characters with microTransactions, you have nothing to spend to enjoy the game. The gameplay is excellent, that you play with your friends or alone.

10 Best FREE Games On Nintendo Switch!

Pokemon Quest

We must put a Pokemon game here, even if it deviates from the typical Pokémon formula. This light game allows you to manage a camp on the island of Tumbblecube, where you have to browse the levels of the island to beat the Pokémon around you.

Tetris 99

Combining Tetris with the Royal Battle genre looks like something that would need some kind of black magic, but Tetris 99 succeeds. Opposing other players from around the world, you must be on your game to keep your blocks down, while sending trouble to your opponents. This is the best type of frantic and chaotic fun.


This Overwatch clone should not be canceled solely for being strongly inspired by the competitive jewel of Blizzard. Paladins offers a lot of characters to play, everyone offering different abilities and game styles and gives you this feeling of competition, all for free.


This free moba receives a constant stream of content for years, one of the main reasons why so many players like to play. Playing with all kinds of mythological characters and characters even do good to hire our more historical sides. It's a good time that does not ask you anything unless you want to spend money.

DC Universe Online

For MMO fans, this game is for you. By giving you the opportunity to create your own hero, or mean, to be framed by an emblematic character of your choice, the free game has a lot to do. Explore classic places, interact with your favorite characters and build your superhero legend.

You can not find a better offer than a massive entertainment for nothing, and that's what each of these games offer you. They take a wide variety of genres, all do it expertly.

They all prove that you do not need to break your piggy bank to get your game solution.


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