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Star Wars on the TV program: the prelogy arrives tonight on TMC

Come from a distant galaxy, very distant, the heroes of Star Wars are back on a small screen with the goal of making us travel to the confines of the universe. Take your laser swresses and your blasters, star war will start. The Star Wars case: Episode II - The Attack of the Clones A badly loved prelogy 292 views The Star Wars case: Episode II - The Attack of the Clones Star Wars: Episode II - The attack of the clones, written and directed by Georges Lucas in 2002, is the fifth film released on the big screen of the saga . Chronologically, the history of the second opus of the prelogy takes place 10 years after the events of Episode I. Count Dooku, ready to do anything to see a new diet, pushes the galaxy to the edge of the civil war. Paddé Amidala, targeted by an attack, is placed under the protection of Padawan Anakin Skywalker. Meanwhile, his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi goes to the research of the attack and falls on a mysterious army of clones for the Galactic Republic. A badly l

How to unlock PROWLER in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 (and all rewards)

Finally, the time has come when players who have been waiting for Prowler to be available will be able to unlock it and all their associated cosmetics. Here is How to unlock PROWLER and your other rewards in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. How to unlock Merodeador in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. All Merodeador Rewards How to unlock Merodeador in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. To unlock PROWLER, you must complete three of the challenges in your search line. Any of the three, no matter what. There are seven challenges to complete, so you will not have trouble completing three of them. Completing the seven challenges will also give you a built-in emoticon that you can use only when you have the equipped ProWler attire. All Merodeador Rewards Merodeer grip emoticon: Modify a vehicle and give it 500 meters in a single game SKY PROWLER GLIDER : Look for cofres before receiving damage in a game (7) PROWLER TAG SPRAY: Use a spray in The Daily Bugle Merodeer Standard icon: Collect di

Battlefield 2042: The game reaches a sad record, descent into hell continues

Since its launch in November 2021, Battlefield 2042 has a descent with the dazzling hell. Anger of players on social networks, Review Bombing on the part of the players, petition to demand a refund of the game (with more than 230,000 signatories today), the FPS of Electronic Arts has never known such a disappointment. But it seems that the Calvary is far from being finished since the game has passed below the 1,000 players connected last weekend, which proves the total disinterest of the game with players and its community. As a comparison, at the launch, more than 100,000 players had connected on Steam, and then or even his numbers melt like snow in the sun. It is the first time that the number of players is also low and the latter does not seem to go back since; Or barely. Despite several patches to try to correct the bugs, rebalance the operators, Battlefield 2042 has not lived up to the expectations of the players, disappointed that a game of this quenching does not benefit

Fortuna Dusseldorf misses victory against decimated 96er

For Fortuna Düsseldorf has continued to expand its performance series in the 2nd football Bundesliga, but can not be able to victory against the opponent in the neighborhood. The Rhine countries had to comply with a zero number at the early decimated team of Hannover 96. Hannover played in front of 17,200 fans from the 16th minute in the lower-mentioned, after Niklas Hult had seen the red card due to a emergency brake at Rouwen Hennings. The Fortuna has no longer lost since nine games. Due to the REMIS, Düsseldorf claims 37 points to the lead in front of Hannover (36). 96 had recently won after four games without victory in episode 3: 1 at Erzgebirge Aue. Hannover tried after the red card to disturb the play flow of the guests and to prevent their attack efforts. That succeeded very well over wide route. The Forten has been waiting for a away win since December (3: 1 at Darmstadt 98).

Hansa Rostock extended with coaching team

Football second division Hansa Rostock continues on the coaching team Jens Härtel and Ronny Thielemann. The chef coach and his assistant have extended their contracts to the North Germans on Good Friday by another year. The two football teachers are already going to their fifth time together season. "The league is not secured, so it is still necessary to focus on all the strength and concentration on this great goal. I am convinced that this will succeed with our coaching team and then look forward to the successful work in the following season To continue with Jens Härtel and Ronny Thielemann, "said division Hansas board Martin Pieckenhagen. In the current season, Hansa is at room for five outstanding games with 37 meters in the table. Twelve of the table.

10 Best Free Games on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers a large game library, and we all deplore Nintendo's propensity to keep its games at a high price. But what you may not know is that there are still many games you can download without paying a cent. WARFRAME Fearless Fortnite Antiatic shelter BRWLHALLA Pokemon Quest Tetris 99 Paladins Hit DC Universe Online There is a good amount of free games that you can download now on your switch, but we have reduced them to our top 10 favorites. WARFRAME A Mastodon of Games as a service, Warframe was launched for the first time in 2013 and spared a path to the Grind many players. Participate in tons of missions to equip your combination, meet all kinds of enemies and NPCs, and do not pay anything for that. With the recent HEART OF DEIMOS update, this is the perfect time to dive. Fearless Although often described as Monster Hunter-Lite, Dauntless is more than just cl1. Yes, the goal is to confront all kinds of creatures to get the right material to build armo

Fortnite: Web Server Down for Patch 20.10 - All essential information in German

Informnite go today, on April 5, the servers on all platforms Down (PC/ Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, Switch, Android). The maintenance work is used to load the brand-new update 20.10 to the servers. Initial patch notes for the update is here. New shotgun in the march New skins, tool tunnations or dances in the store Activation of the extra styles Essential times to the server-downs today in Fortnite - When and also exactly how lengthy is it offline? Which new material brings Update 19.40? Update 10.55 clock: You have the update download, with 3,681 GB on the PS5, you can lastly log in. We update pieces of the patch notes, so you understand what has actually brought the update for new content. He brings new skins, wild tools and also potentially modifications on the map. So that you miss absolutely nothing, we update from Meinmmo to this article consistently throughout the day for you. What happens today in Fortnite? Once again a patch awaits you. Today, the web server

Xbox Game Pass: Gameplay

In the Xbox Game pass subscription, new games appear weekly and so that you can make a picture of the new games, we publish new gameplay videos in the Xbox Game YouTube channel at regular intervals. If you want to support us, then this video will be shared, Subscribed the Xbox Game YouTube channel, leaving a thumbs up, if you liked the video - and activates the bell to be immediately notified as soon as you will be notified a new video is released.

Amazon & Media Market: Elden Ring by 3-for-2

Der neuste Geniestreich aus dem Hause From Software, "Elden Ring", steht bei Spielern aktuell hoch im Kurs. Im COMPUTER BILD-Test heimste das Action-Rollenspiel eine 1,2 (sehr gut) ein. Wer das Game bisher noch nicht hat und es nicht zum Vollpreis kaufen wollte, kommt jetzt voll auf seine Kosten. Denn Amazon und Media Markt haben jeweils eine 3-für-2-Aktion auf Games gestartet. Bei Media Markt läuft die Aktion bis 20. April (20 Uhr) und bei Amazon bis 21. April 2022. COMPUTER BILD verrät Ihnen, wie Sie "Elden Ring" mit dem Angebot für lau ergattern. Darüber hinaus tüten Sie mit den Amazon-Oster-Angeboten und der Samsung-Galaxy-Week bei Media Markt und Saturn noch viele weitere Produkte günstiger ein. (alle Preise und Angaben – Stand: 8. April 2022). Elden Ring: So gibt es das Game geschenkt! Amazon Prime jetzt 30 Tage kostenfrei testen! Elden Ring: So gibt es das Game geschenkt! Sie legen etwa "Gran Turismo 7" (72,99 Euro), "Tiny Tina's Wonderl

All Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Data Card Locations

While most of your time you will spend it attacked assault soldiers and defeating the Sith gentlemen in your attempt to overthrow the Galactic Empire, you will also have the task of tracking a lot of collectibles that you can spend on improving your characters in the trees of Game skills. . One of the rare collectibles are the data cards that are scattered on the 23 unlockable central planets in the latest Star Wars collection of Traveller's Tales. Here is How to find the 19 datacards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga . Where to find the 19 Data Cards in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga What you get to collect the 19 data cards Where to find the 19 Data Cards in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Data Card # 1 - Exagol - Citadel Sith Once you have dropped into the elevator from the landing platform at the beginning of the level, turn left and upload the stairs. Climb the chain and walk carefully through a pipe to reach the first datacard. Data card # 2 - KEF BIR - Pl

Ghostwire Test: Tokyo

Night walks Akito, heroes despite himself, finds himself possessed by the ghost of an old detective, the well named KK. He gives him supernatural powers, if he helps him in his quest against a deep evil who seems to want to seize Tokyo . At the same time, Akito goes in search of his husband, hospitalized sister, who disappeared while ghosts and other Yokai take possession of a Tokyo wrapped in a disturbing fog. It must be admitted, Ghostwire: Tokyo is hardly troubled to captivate with its history. The fault of a quite limited characterization of his hero, literally a KK ghost puppet, while the latter has quite limited goals: darken straight and tap the ghost that has removed her life. The narration also suffers from a faulty staging, as well as secondary characters that are best forgetting, at the worst frankly missed. There are, however, some good ideas: the cooperation between Akito and KK is sometimes successful, especially when their objectives are aligned, or the few times whe

Dungeon Search RPG "Dungeons of Aether" to STeam release on October 25. Underground secret that beasts challenge

Developer's Dan Fornace announced on April 2nd to release RPG " Dungeons of Aether " on October 25. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). "Dungeons of Aether" is a turn system RPG to explore a dungeon. It is one of the "Aether" series works where there are various genres works. On the stage of this work, there was a battle of the Ether's military and the dark army that has invaded from Abybis in a distant past. As a result of what generation of the terrain changes, the Merchant of ether worked in cooperation and sealed the dark army. The treasures were also buried in the underground. Currently, JulesVale's city is thriving on the ground. And many treasure hunters and adventurers are challenging JulesVale underground search. In this work, four new heroes appear in the world of "Aether" series. Fleet, a guardian of self-proclaimed JulesVale, bow and arrow. He is a specialty-type character and is the best character to learn the co