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Markus Heitz - The German Fantasy

Most readers are Markus Heitz probably above all due to his fantasy series the dwarfs a term. However, the German author has written a few other, exciting novel rows, creating fantastic worlds - or more populated. For example, in parallel with the dwarfs, the series also plays the Albae in the recalculated land and not only illuminates the interim destiny of Tungdil gold hand, but shows us important events of the wars from another perspective.

Or the pact of the darkness whose vampire stories extend over many times of time and half the world. Not for nothing, Markus Heitz has included numerous awards - especially the German Fantasy Prize, which he could win with several of his works.

The security land - the dwarfs and the Albae

The books around the recovered land, which is protected by the four gates by the dwarves in front of the otherworldly land, is probably the most famous and most successful work of Markus Heitz. In the fantasy world, it is teeming with sympathetic (and less sympathetic) dwarfs, magicians, brave people, orcs and other shepherds. In the dwarfs we accompany the main tungdil gold hand. In his part, he grew up in people, he gets to know the customs and practices of the dwarf culture and develops over several books to the rescuer of the recovered land.

  • The Dwarfs (2003)
  • The war of the dwarfs (2004)
  • The revenge of the dwarfs (2005)
  • The fate of the dwarfs (2008)
  • The triumph of the dwarfs (2015)
  • The return of the dwarfs 1 (2021)
  • The return of the dwarfs 2 (2021)

In the Albae, however, changing characters are in the foreground. Here we experience how things are running in the other side of the other side and why Albae are not exclusively the hidden assassinic congregation, as they are in the recovered land - even if Caphalor, Sinthoras or Aiphatòn are probably no benefactors for dwarf or human standards.

  • Just anger (2009)
  • Disrupting Hass (2011)
  • Dark Paths (2012)
  • The forgotten fonts (2014)
  • Tobender storm (2014)

Source: Amazon Source: Amazon

If you want to experience both sides of the story, you should read the books in the following order, so that the history runs chronologically.

  • Just anger (legends of the Albae 1)
  • Disrupting hate (legends of the Albae 2)
  • The Dwarfs (The Dwarfs 1)
  • The war of the dwarfs **** (the dwarfs 2)
  • The revenge of the dwarfs **** (the dwarfs 3)
  • Dark paths (legends of the Albae 3)
  • The fate of the dwarfs (the dwarfs 4)
  • The forgotten fonts (legends of the Albae 4)
  • TOBENDER STURM **** (Legends of the Albae 5)
  • The triumph of the dwarfs (the dwarfs 5)
  • The return of the dwarfs 1 **** (the dwarfs 6)
  • The return of the dwarfs 2 (the dwarfs 7)

Pact of the dark - vampires for adults

With the pact-Darkness series, Heitz created another universe, which is not a pure fantasy. Incidentally, the books of the series can easily be read individually, as they contain no overarching action that would be particularly important for understanding. Different characters occur in the individual stories but again and again and it definitely is more fun when you are very bloodthirsty (no one glistens here) vampire stories in the right order.

Source: Amazon Source: Amazon

The pact-Darkness universe treats other topics. Coarse summarized, the following books can be classified.

  • Beast Series
    • RITUS (2006)
    • Sanctum (2006)
    • Blood portals (2008)
  • Judas Series
    • Children of the Judas (2007)
    • Judassohn (2010)
    • JudaStor (2010)
  • Oniros series
    • Deadly curse (2012)
    • Dead view (2013)
  • Excarnation series
    • War of the old souls (2014)
    • Soul dying (2015)
  • Master Series
    • The beginning (2018)
    • Mirror & Shadow (2019)
    • Old enemy (2020)

Ulldart - the beginning of his career

With the UllDart series, the career started by Markus Heitz correctly. The fantasy world, whose first part was able to win the fantastic price, is completely without the well-known fantasy clichés such as orcs, elves or dwarfs. The story around the young Prince Lordrik, who on his journey to become a real man, must provide various intrigues, monsters and demons, includes a total of nine volumes.

Source: Amazon Source: Amazon

The final three books include a separate, new cycle. This makes history completed - other books are barely to be expected.

  • Shadow over Ulldart (2002)
  • The Order of Swords (2002)
  • The sign of the dark God (2002)
  • Under the eyes Tzulans (2003)
  • The magic of the ruler (2005)
  • The sources of evil (2005)
  • Deceptive peace (2005)
  • Burning Continents (2006)
  • Fatales Legacy (2007)

Dragons, doors and roleplaying

But apart from the big rows, Markus Heitz has still written a lot of other books and creating readable universes. For example, he has contributed several stories to the role-play Shadowrun - 6 novels and a short story come from his pen. Everything available in two collecting tapes.

  • Shadow hunter
  • Shadow Runner

With the dragon row, Heitz mixes a little the genres and brings the dragons from the fantasy world into ours. It turns about the conflict between people and dragons - but also the quarrels within the people and one or the other mysterious force that is at work.

  • The powers of the fire (2006)
  • Drachenkaiser (2009)
  • DragonGift (2016)

Source: Amazon Source: Amazon

With the DOORS series Heitz goes again in our reality - so at least partially. Because this is just the starting point for the different trips in different crossings, which are similar at first glance of our world. The two seasons tell different stories with the same premise.

  • The beginning (2018)
  • Blood field (2018)
  • Twilight (2018)
  • Colony (2018)

Die Albae

Season 2

  • three seconds (2019)
  • Energija (2019)
  • Guardian (2019)
  • Providence (2019)

Apart from that, Markus Heitz has written many individual novels, most of which are worth reading. For example ** of the devil prayer book , Lyssa or Reflection . But we wanted to limit ourselves here on the larger rows we have read even.

What series of probably successful German fantasy authors do you find best and why is the dwarves? Fun aside, just because our author is so on Boëndal and Boïndil, you do not have to do that too. But seriously, Which rows of Markus Heitz have you already read and what did you like best and you can recommend them to our other readers?

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