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All Ads of the Humble Games Showcase

Did you think about Indian games news behind the Great Xbox Showcase last night? You're lucky because Humble Games has just announced the upcoming titles of his catalog on a live stream. If you have lost it, below you can see everything that has announced the publisher here below.

The presentation started exciting thanks to the announcement of Monaco 2 , the sequel to the acclaimed Pocketwatch Games robbing game. Of course, chaotic robbers are still the center of their second part, but there is a new emphasis on the verticality of the generated screens, thanks to the visual style change to an isometric 3D. You can play alone and in cooperative, although we will probably take a time to try it because it is in an "early" phase of development.

Coral Island , which was financed in Kickstarter last year, is a "reimagined farm simulator" according to its Stairway Games creators. As in other similar games, players can cultivate, build and form relationships (they have promised a community with 50 people), but we also have a turn associated with the conservation of the ocean, associated with their tropical ambience, in which the players will have to clean and protect nearby corals. The launch information is limited, but you can now add it to your wish list in Steam.

MOONSCARS It is the work of the Moldovan Black Mermaid study and is inspired by both the Souls series and in the art of the Masters of the Netherlands, in a Sidescroller of Action type Souls shocking (it reminds me a lot of the wonderful blasphemous of The Game Kitchen ) That it will reach PC in summer of 2022. They promise us "despair".

Humble Games Launch Video Ghost Song , developed by Old Moon, is a meteridvania with a pastel colored palette and a strangely reassuring cifi artistic style, with an emphasis on "atmosphere and mystery". The main character awakens a long sleep on the surface of the desolate moon of Lorian V, where they must descend under the surface to discover the secrets that expect... and shoots many things in the process. It will be released on a future date without specifying.

Then we saw signalis , a kind of 3d action game with a retro art style inspired by titles like Flashback and Another World. It is a classic survival horror experience "full of melancholic cosmic mysteries" who put the player in Elstar's skin, a replika engineer who should look for the lost dreams of her. Rose-Engine promises Puzzles and Nightmare Creatures when signalis launch on PC and Xbox this autumn.

Infinite Guitars , by Niko Niko, is a rhythm and action RPG with cartoon aesthetics. It is ambient in a devastated world after a great war with wicks. We can expect exploration, adventures, improvements and combats (based on rhythm and guitars) when it is launch; There are no dates or platforms at the moment.

Chinatown Detective Agency , a cyberny mystery of General Interactive CO, combines a part of classical Point-and-Click adventures with real-world research. Players will have to close the game and investigate about the real world to resolve puzzles that will take us all over the world in search of criminals. It will be released on PC, Xbox and Switch on April 7.

The Iron Oath of Curious Panda Games is a tactical RPG in shifts "in which the destination of your mercenary company depends on your decisions." We will lead a group of mercenaries that you must find recruits, manage your operations and overcome dangerous missions in the land of Caelum to obtain fame and get more contracts. You will enter Steam Early Access on April 19 and you can try a demo.


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