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Valorant in consoles very close to being a reality: Riot Games speaks openly of its development

Riot Games is a surplus studio known for games like League of Legends or Valorant, created by and for PC users. But there are also those who would like to play these popular proposals in consoles, which is the option chosen by millions of players. With lol is something that, for concept, seems impossible, but of course Valorant, the Shooter, has many options. He has been the possibility for years and it seems that it is coming next time. At least, we can get out of an job offer published on the Riot Games portal , in which they speak of an "unpublished product", which they have then updated to specifically put a "senior game designer for The version of Valorant consoles. You can check it from here. In the offer they talk about the functions to play in employment, specifying that "it will collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and you will work with all the tools at your fingertips to innovate and iterate in designs centered on the player who will delight o

The creator of Coffee Talk, Fahmi, dies at 32 years old

The developer and writer of videogames Mohammad Fahmi, more known simply as Fahmi, has died at 32 years. The news of Fahmi's death has been made known this weekend through his own Twitter account in a pity that was shared by his sister. The cause of Fahmi's death was not revealed. Fahmi's career began at Gameloft, where he worked as a designer and programmer. Over time, he ended up joining Toga Productions, where he finally occurred to him the idea of ​​ Chatela. Launched in 2020, _ Coffee, is a "speaker" simulator set in a fantasy world where players can interact with several customers who would enter the cafeteria in which they work. In addition to making coffee to these clients through short mini-games, much of the game in Café is focused on the dialogue options that players do when they speak with several characters. In a shared message to the official Chatela de Café Twitter account this morning, a statement on Fahmi's death was shared. "Today

Prank: We have to make it a football temple

It was an emotional farewell from the tri-stadium at the end of September with the 3-0 against the FC Augsburg. Since mid-October, the Freiburg now played in the new and much larger Europa-Park stadium, which was so far only twice theoretically fully utilized. Some games took place even before 750 or 500 spectators. This has helped that the atmosphere has never been comparable to the in the old venue so far - maybe to the late victory hit by Nico Schlotterbeck against Wolfsburg two weeks ago. "The dramaturgy has voted for the viewers," said Christian Streich. That has begun with the early free-socket of Vincenzo Grifo. "Süd has supported us a lot, and then all the others have participated," the SC coach was pleased, and now asks that everyone together to "make a football temple" together. He hopes, "that it becomes such a bowl like the triple stadium that it is pure football, the opponents did not like, since we have to go again". For me,

The Wanderlust Developer's forthcoming game explores universal themes and player's own sensations

Focus Entertainment publishes a new game from the Polish from the Different Tales Studio. Different Talles in previous games include wanderlust series and werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest . The forthcoming game is reported to be a mixture of a life story and a simulation game that is promised to provide an engaging and benevolent experience. Players get to investigate both universal themes than their own feelings. "Our partnership with the Different Tales Team is based on common values, I hope to bring about the vision. The vision supports the narrative excellence, with the previous games and its talent. It is this collective spirit that we find this cooperation in which our world's challenges match the sense of wonderfulness: how Building and rebuilding, be a change in the community, "Focus Entertainment Content Director Yves Le Yaouanq Raise. A still astonishing project can expect more detailed information in the future.

Sony responds to the fans who giving risek for the amazing spider

spider-man: no way home hgiving rise meant a before and after in the cinematographic superhero gender, giving rise to unite saggiving rise deferents of the same character with decades of by means of the opening of the multiverse and the possibilities that This entails. And is that seeing the three cinematographic spider-man together hgiving rise been the dream complied with a multitude of fans; Fans who now want more. So much so, that after the return of Andrew Garfield In said Crossover, it started a campaign on social networks that I giving riseked The Amazing Spider-Man 3 , in order to close the incomplete trilogy of Amazing. Now, Sony hgiving rise responded to the fans with a curious message and a new video clip starring Andrew Garfield himself. Sony, the ToGs and The Amazing Peter # 3 So, and despite the fact that Andrew Garfield hgiving rise already recognized recently that there are no plans to resume their interpretation by Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the Saga

PSG collects evil bankruptcy

France's Football Subscription Champion Paris St. Germain has had a surprisingly high defeat on Sunday in Ligue 1 at AS Monaco with 0: 3 (0: 1), where national Kevin fully fully fully in the 68th minute only four minutes after its substitution Add to 2: 0 for the hosts increased. In addition, the ex-Leverkusener and Hoffenheimer took out a foul feet, the Wissam Ben Yedder (84) turned to the final score. Presnel Kimpembe had placed full in the penalty area. Ben Yedder (25.) had also achieved the leadership for Monaco. Paris did without the fluid six-time world footballer Lionel Messi and conceded the fourth defeat in the ongoing championship. Paris nevertheless leads to the Ligue 1 table with 65 points sovereign. Singing the Mondassen Stand Torwart Alexander Nubel in the starting formation. He was characterized by a free-kick of PSG-Ass Neymar (31.) and brought shiny. In the 79th minute, the keeper was also on the post in the Grand Chance of Mauro Icardi and defeated the corn

Are there in MLB: The Show 22 Crosplles / Cross

Yes, according to the developer from San Diego Studios, in MLB: The Show 22 will be Cross Play and Cross Progress. Despite the fact that MLB: The Show 22 is developed by the PlayStation Studio, it will first be available on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. Until last year's name MLB: The Show was exclusive for PlayStation, but with the revival of The Show the popular baseball simulator is now available on all consoles. Players will be able to switch to fast game mode, ranking mode, online seasons, Diamond Dynasty and, perhaps, much more, and all this also on other consoles. Sand Diego Studios also confirmed that in MLB: The Show 22 there is a cross-saving function that applies to the entire gameplay. Players in MLB: The Show 22 can not only keep their progress on other consoles, but can also be saved in the middle of the game and switch to another console. Using a very convenient cloud system, players can download and download their progress in MLB: The Show 22 to cont

Markus Heitz - The German Fantasy

Most readers are Markus Heitz probably above all due to his fantasy series the dwarfs a term. However, the German author has written a few other, exciting novel rows, creating fantastic worlds - or more populated. For example, in parallel with the dwarfs, the series also plays the Albae in the recalculated land and not only illuminates the interim destiny of Tungdil gold hand, but shows us important events of the wars from another perspective. The security land - the dwarfs and the Albae Pact of the dark - vampires for adults Ulldart - the beginning of his career Or the pact of the darkness whose vampire stories extend over many times of time and half the world. Not for nothing, Markus Heitz has included numerous awards - especially the German Fantasy Prize, which he could win with several of his works. The security land - the dwarfs and the Albae The books around the recovered land, which is protected by the four gates by the dwarves in front of the otherworldly land, is probably

All Ads of the Humble Games Showcase

Did you think about Indian games news behind the Great Xbox Showcase last night? You're lucky because Humble Games has just announced the upcoming titles of his catalog on a live stream. If you have lost it, below you can see everything that has announced the publisher here below. The presentation started exciting thanks to the announcement of Monaco 2 , the sequel to the acclaimed Pocketwatch Games robbing game. Of course, chaotic robbers are still the center of their second part, but there is a new emphasis on the verticality of the generated screens, thanks to the visual style change to an isometric 3D. You can play alone and in cooperative, although we will probably take a time to try it because it is in an "early" phase of development. Coral Island , which was financed in Kickstarter last year, is a "reimagined farm simulator" according to its Stairway Games creators. As in other similar games, players can cultivate, build and form relationships (they

Gran Turismo 7 keeps the first location in the Leading Sales of the United Kingdom despite the current bests

Gran Turismo 7 It was again the best-selling video game of the week at UK . The last exclusive Polyphony Digital for PlayStation kept rhythm at adequate need rate, a loss in sales of 57% to leave in second setting to the fantastic launch of this duration in shops, * WWE 2K22 * . WWE 2K22 marks the return of the North American Wrestling Show to the sector after a paron in 2021. According to data shared by GamesIndustry, the video game has had a 32% reduced in physical sales ** Facing WWE 2K20. 43% of WWE 2K22 sales were made in PS5, 29% in PS4, 17% on Xbox One as well as 11% remaining in Xbox Collection X/ S according to the data supplied. Leaving behind the Fumbling, Gamesindustry likewise attracts attention in twelfth setting Assassin's Creed Valhalla: the dawn of Ragnarök, the last and most enthusiastic expansion of the Action computer game in Ubisoft open globe. For its part professionals already of this leading such as Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West stay at

Lost Ark: Is it still a success a month after its launch? This is what the community creates

Approximately one month after its official launch in Europe and America, Lost Ark seems to be losing momentum, even when Amazon Games recently dealt with solving queue problems in the kingdoms of Central Europe. What is really happening? Players go down at Lost Ark, what are the reasons? What future does Lost Ark have? Players go down at Lost Ark, what are the reasons? At the time of writing these lines, Monday, March 14, 2022, Lost Ark is obviously not dead and is even quite far from it. However, there has been a rather important traction loss in recent days, a fall in the title players illustrated by Steamcharts and Steamdb that offer graphics that illustrate the density of players over time. Although at first glance these curves may seem terrifying, they should be put in context. In fact, it must be reminded above all that Lost Ark was launched at the same time as other games or expansions highly anticipated by the players. We can mention in particular the following: The two fi

FC Barcelona with millions offering BVB

NOUSSAIR MAZRAOUII is currently one of the most hottest courteous legal defenders throughout Europe. According to his outstanding achievements in the Dutch Eredivisie and the Champions League, the Moroccan has not only called the BVB on the plan. The FC Bayern has long since been requested directly from the player's side. The 24-year-old keeps all the trumps themselves in their hands, his contract runs in the Dutch record champion Ajax Amsterdam but in summer. Borussia Dortmund is expected to be as a prospect, known in the group stage of the premier class also played twice directly against Ajax with Mazraoui as a right-back. According to the Italian transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, the outer chest is also a seriously discussed personnum in the Bundesliga leader from Munich. In the last week, it was reported that Bavaria's CEO Oliver Kahn explicitly inquired about Noussair Mazraoui in a conversation with Star-Consultant Mino Raiola. Barca offers Mazraoui probably five mill

GENSHIN IMPACT: A sip of a dream of drunkenness, date and info from the event

Luka, a gift manager of the Angel, needs help to hold the shop, and no one is better cut for the role that the traveler. With the event A sip of a dream of drunkenness in genshin impact , take the bartender's place to serve customers. Discuss with regulars, listen to their problems and serve the best drinks in the area to unlock a unique theme. Event details in genshin impact Date of the event A sip of a dream of drunkenness Event details in genshin impact The gift manager of the Angel has a special task to entrust to the traveler. Find Luka in the city of Mondstadt to help him in his work by becoming barty. Prepare the favorite client brews, listen to their stories and invent new cocktails. The event takes place in 3 phase, the first to serve what customers want, the second to create drinks and the last to complete an additional quest. Eventually, the traveler can unlock many rewards. Ascent materials will be available, as well as primary gems and moras. But the largest ava

Vengeance is Mine: Oscar winner and composer Giorgio Moroder works on title

The Oscar-winning composer Georgio Moroder will work together for the coming Mech battle title Vengeance is Mine with 110 Industries. The game is currently being developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Together with the actress / singer Stefanie Joosten, which is also Creative Director of Vengeance is Mine, Moroder has used its legendary talents to record the title song for the game. Moroder is a pioneering figure in the music world known for its innovative use of synthesizers and its great influence on everything from disco over New Wave to Techno. He has worked with numerous famous artists, including Daft Punk, David Bowie and Donna Summer, and has won three Academy awards: the Oscar for the best original music for Midnight Express and two Oscars for the best song for his work on FlashDance and Top Gun. The career of the musicians recorded in the Dance Music Hall of Fame also includes his work on the music for the acclaimed film Scarface of 1983, four Golden G

Wow: Hard times for mythical-plus player

Anyone in the past few days in the mythical-plus dungeons of Wow Shadowlands traveled, which could desperately desperate. Groups that were previously conveniently graduated level 15 and higher, suddenly got a few problems at level 10. Countless key stones were not finished first because the groups are not passed by tyrannically reinforced bosses. Especially in the two Tazavesh instances, this problem was clear. However, Blizzard has already spelled generously with Nerfs around. Bosse with twice as many life points Hardener scaling makes sense! But why are the dungeons suddenly much heavier than expected by many players? The reason lies in the dramatically reinforced scaling and the fact that most heroes have become significantly weaker after the patch, which many liked to forget. Bosse with twice as many life points If one compares the current week with the last of Season 2, then the bosses on the same stage have just finished twice as many lifestims as before. Of course, this is p