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NBA: Do not stop Joel Embiid! Philadelphia 76ers win foul festival at the New York Knicks

In a game of fouls, the Philadelphia 76ers also won the second game with James Harden. In New York, the new addition was strong, but the man of the day was once again the outstanding Joel Embiid. The other games of the night New York Knicks (25-36) - Philadelphia 76ers (37-23) 109: 125 (Boxscore) Phoenix Suns (49-12) - Utah Jazz (38-22) 114: 118 (Boxscore) Indiana Pacers (20-41) - Boston Celtics (36-26) -: - (Boxscore) Charlotte Hornets (30-31) - Detroit Pistons (14-46) -: - (Boxscore) Houston Rockets (15-44) - L.A. Clippers (31-31) -: - (Boxscore) Golden State Warriors (43-17) - Dallas Mavericks (35-25) -:- (BOXSCORE) Portland Trail Blazers (25-35) - Denver Nuggets (35-25) -:- (BOXSCORE) Los Angeles Lakers (27-32) - New Orleans Pelicans (24-36) -:- (BOXSCORE) New York Knicks (25-36) - Philadelphia 76ers (37-23) 109: 125 (Boxscore) It was sometimes very tough, but the numerous whistles made in the game (50 fouls, 79 free throws), with the line of refs not even petty. But if Joel Em

Who is a gay in Horizon Forbidden West?

Regardless of whether the player is a newcomer in the Horizon series or still trying to remember what happened in the previous game, many may be a little lost in who is such a gay and why it is so important for Ela's story in Horizon Forbidden West. The names of several different Greek and Egyptian gods are mentioned and discussed at the beginning of a ela, when we understand how it can save the earth. Most players know that Gaia is something that you need. Nine subfunctions Gaia and its main function Gaia and its main function Gaia is an extremely advanced artificial intelligence that Dr. Elizabeth Solbek and her colleagues have developed as a way to reboot the planet after its inevitable death. Gaia has nine different subfunctions of terraforming and creating a dwellable planet. Each of the nine subfunctions has their own duties. Nine subfunctions Minerva - responsible for the connection and disabling the destructive cars Faro. Hephaest - is responsible for creating m

Inscryping: We explain the grandiose meta

The Rogue Like Deckbuilding Game IncrypThe was one of the great surprises of last year. The indie title connects two very different genre: horror and deckbuilding. The alone is already unique enough and has more than convinced in our test. But incryption can be far more in addition to its subtle and well-suited horror. The game tells an extremely complex meta history, we now want to break off. At this point a large spoiler warning , you have not played incryply yet, you should not read on this point because you expect massive spoilers. A game in the game Table of contents Really only a Simpler Deckbuilder? Who is Luke Carder? Who are the scrybes? Who is behind inscrustom? Luke tragic fate The hidden story What is the Old Data? The true end? A game in the game Incryption has intentionally many of the complexity, it is a game in a game that actually turns around a game. Yes, that sounds admittedly insane confusing, but do not worry, we'll explain it step by step. The Steam versio

Skull & Bones is "a very promising IP" that focuses on the "multiplayer"

The Skull & Bones ship may be touched , but not sunk. Ubisoft continues to work on this project, whose development hBones lengthened in time more than anyone would have imagined. The title hBones returned to the first flat during the meeting in which the French company hBones presented its financial results. In this context, CFO Frédérick Duguet, hBones ensured that IP is "very promising" , while aimed at which it is a "multiplayer first" product. "It is a very promising new intellectual property, focused on the 'Multiplayer First'", he said. This is, according to the manager, who delve into his strategy to offer players "competitive multiplayer and cooperative" within a "big open world, with great and attractive fantBonesy." Duguet hBones recognized that the product "Bonessurgency hBones required a longer development ", but it ensures that they are "very happy with the artistic direction and the progre

Steam deck: Video shows how easy analog sticks at stick

The Steam Deck is at the door and is already checked by many technical experts out there on heart and kidneys. So also the people of iFixit, who have published a Teardown video to the Valve handheld. In it, they go further significantly when the Valve himself did in his own video. With promising results: For example, the analog sticks can evidently exchange very easily if it should come to stick drift. Teardown video shows: Steam deck can be repaired slightly slightly Here you can watch the video: Teardown video shows: Steam deck can be repaired slightly slightly It's about it: Valve advises in its own Teardown video from building the device apart. But the technical experts from IFIXIT are specialized exactly and take the Steam deck for it even just under the magnifying glass. Above all, it's about how well it can be repaired. Result: Quite satisfactory. There are also a few criticisms, overall, Valve and the Steam Deck in this Teardown video come away with 7 out of 10

VfB Stuttgart is subject to Tor

The descent of the VFB Stuttgart continues unbraked. The strongly relegated Swabia were subject to the 21st matchday of the Football Bundesliga 2: 3 (1: 1) against Eintracht Frankfurt and have been waiting for six parts (a draw, five defeats) on a victory. The VfB remains the penultimate. Evan Ndicka (7.) and Double Pack Joker Ajdin Hrustic (47./77.) Goods for the Frankfurter, who brought the first victory in 2022. Waldemar Anton (42.) and Sasa Kalajdzic (70th) met for the Stuttgart, which ended her goalkeeper after 518 minutes. The VfB had recently not achieved a goal for the first time in the club history in five games in a row. "We have not reached a top form. The team hounds with the table situation," said VfB board leader Thomas Hitzlsperger frustrated. He analyzed: "That's not enough. If we continue so, we get massive problems." The 10,000 permitted spectators in Stuttgart saw an extremely nervous beginning of the unsolicited hosts. The team of coach