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Wheel of Time: The opponents of the light

Not all characters that play a role in the world of Wheel of Time, standing on the side of Moraine, edge all'Thor and their companions. Some have other goals that run counter to those of the heroes.

Whitecloaks First Encounter - The Wheel of Time

If everyone has, it automatically earns the term villain? Not necessarily, because the wheel of time is not all that it seems. As in the article about the heroes of The Wheel of Time, there will be spoilers here.

Incorrect dragons and Red sisters

With the Red sisters known as the Red Ajax have made the viewers of wheel of time already acquaintance. This subset of the AES Sedan sees in men above all else: a huge risk. Moreover, if they can handle a power with the. The male part of a power that Said in, has been corrupted in the final battle for the fate of the world since forfeited all men who use a power sooner or later the madness. Such as Logan Alar. Wheel of Time: The false Dragon Logan seems defeated — for now. Source: Amazon Studios Logan Alar — the false Dragon: Logan is an example of what makes a power with all the men who are trying to tap into them. He has immense magical powers, but will always be insane here. In book in series succeeds the AES Sedan but eventually to separate its connection to a power. At least in the novels is, however, not the last thing we saw of Logan.

Landing Google: As a member of the Red Ajax is Landing task of all the men who deal with a power and thus will be able to dragons to part with their magical powers. Thus, it is not only the dress and appearance to the opposite pole of Moraine. Landing expected to be treated by those who are not among the AES Sedan like a queen. Their true role and the big secret she hides are revealed, however, until the second book of the series of novels. So series gazers it should learn in Season 2nd

The children of light

Part of religious cult, some military organization are the children of light, also known as white coats, for many the last bastion in the fight against the Dark King. Their teachings and laws are described in the book The Way of the Light. The problem is in addition to their fanaticism and their position on the AES Sedan and the other users of the One Power. All persons who can use a power that also servants of the Dark King are in fact for the children of light. Therefore, they prey on them.

Damon Valley: A particularly fanatical member of the Children of Light is Damon Valley. However, the character is different in the series Wheel of Time: Damon Valley is looking for users of a power. Source: Amazon Studios currently much from its version in the book. In the series, he hates the AES Sedan and makes no secret of the fact that it makes him fun to hunt all who can use the One Power. In the book, Damon is more of a career man who is targeting mainly to a high position within the children of light. Whether the series Damon here is similar to the book Damon remains to be seen — because if he survives until then.

The servants of the Dark King

But all the other groups to fade viciousness toward the Dark King and his minions.

Trollops and Myrdal: As in most fantasy series so common, has also the Dark King over all sorts of monstrous creatures that he sends into battle. The term for these creatures is Schattengezücht, yet the time have appeared two of them in the wheel. The foot soldiers of the Dark King are beings who like a bizarre mix of humans and animals look like. This Trollops are mainly due to their sheer size and strength a threat to anyone who is not prepared for.

Trollop groups are led mostly by Myrdal, the eyes of lots. See these creatures at first glance human, but they have no eyes, and otherwise it is very easy to see who they serve. The Myrdal are feared not only for their cunning and their power, but because they are also very difficult to kill. However, the wheel can time: The Red sisters. Source: Amazon Studios they cross no running water, which has already saved the hero's life.

shadow friend Pagan Fain: That the Dark King and human servant, no one is better than Pagan Fain. So far, the traveling merchants was only seen in a sequence that tells where he Mat and the other villagers of Logan.

In truth Fain is, however, a servant of the Dark King, who is considered mainly for his own gain. The public is aware of these ministers as a shadow friends. Whether his role in the series is the same as in the books to be seen.

Ba'Alamo / Ishmael: So far, there was not much of one of the main antagonists in the series. Edge and his friends have spotted a creature with glowing eyes in the dream. It is Ba'Alamo, one of the most powerful servants of the dark king. Together with his subordinates Ba'Alamo is looking for the reborn dragon to kill him before it can be dangerous to the dark king. In the books will be a very complex character, which knows a lot about the background of the world — it remains to be seen what the series makes it out of it. The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.


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