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Warframe The New was: Everything you need to know Elliott Gatica

The New War is just around the corner in Warframe. This update has been in progress for a very long time and became a meme within the community that The New was never coming out. Since then, there has been a release date and many new and exciting things you can look forward to, including hours-long quest gameplay, new war frames and changes in quality of life. Here's all you need to know about The New, which comes to Warframe.

What is the new war?

The New War is the next big mains quest in Warframe. This should connect all loose ends and continue the events for important key points in the history of the game as the Second Dream, The Within and The Sacrifice. Verde this, if you are not up-to-date with all the main quests that lead to this point in the game.

The New War should answer questions about the true identity behind the Lotus, now Fatah, and their connection with the sentence. In the events that led to mobilized the sectors and became the largest new threat to the source system.

The Tenn will also mobilize and Create unlikely allies in this tremendous cinematic quest. This also includes building an alliance with the grinders and corpus, factions that once acted as enemies with their own funds to take control of the system.

The players take control of brand new playable characters like Kahl-175, a Grinder Trooper, which is in the middle of the sentient invasion on earth, Veto, a Corpus technician, and Te shin DAX, the man behind the Conclave and the steel path. The story is told from several perspectives and shows the biggest difficulties that each faction is confronted.

This quest extension seems to be the largest so far and offers over 70 minutes of original music compositions.

When will the new appear?

The New War is for a. Planned Release from 15 December on all current platforms. These include Nintendo Switch, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles and PC. These are the approximate download sizes depending on the platform:

Xbox: 3.8 GB PlayStation: 3.6 GB Nintendo Switch: 1.56 GB PC: 5 GB

Is a new frame published in this update?

The new Warframe published in this update is the name Caliban. He is a sentient Warframe hybrid, which bears the role of something like a tank and support. His skills are all geared to the topic sequentially and even enable him to summon Conquests who fight at his side and his teammates. Just like a sentient, this Warframe gives damage resistance to different types of current damage he and his allies.

Caliban can be purchased after the Quest The New was completed. Its components are grown in an unknown part of this extension. He can also be bought on the platinum market if you want to skip the Grind.

How to prepare for the new war

Since this will be a fairly large quest in terms of length, you should definitely begin to create strong and versatile builds for your Warframe and your weapons equipment.

You should also have completed the following quests to allow you to play The New as soon as it appears on the 15th:

Before the price Once awake The ore wing Stolen dreams The new strange Fatah The second dream The war inside Chains of the Edge Apostasy PROLOG The victim Chimera PROLOG

Warframe: NEW FRAME CALIBAN Abilities First Look Flood Stick to war — Era, The Maker

Since your Loadout is most likely the best thing you can do is strongly recommended that you create a Necramech on the go. You will need it in certain cases, and it will help you to complete this huge cinematic quest. You should also note that this quest limits your access to your equipment, including changing frames and weapons until it is completed.

Prime access

On the side of Caliban Harrow Prime will appear! He will be available as any other prime Warframe. They have to get relics and crack them in Fissure missions to have a chance to get parts for him and his characteristic weapons — Knell Prime and Scourge Prime -.

Harrow Prime will also wear prime accessories to which a Santana and an operator suit belong.

Warframe is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC. The New was published on the 15th at the same time on all platforms.


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