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The most anticipated games of 2022: Will it be the best year in the history of videogames?

Plants vs. Zombies is a 2009 tower protection computer game developed as well as released by Poplar Games. Initial launched for Windows and also Mac OS X, the game has actually considering that been ported to gaming consoles, handhelds, as well as mobile phones. The player takes the duty of a property owner amid a zombie apocalypse. As a horde of zombies approaches along several identical lanes, the player should safeguard the house by taking down plants, which terminate projectiles at the zombies or otherwise detrimentally influence them. The player collects a currency called sunlight to get plants. If a zombie makes it to your house on any type of lane, the player sheds and must reboot the level. Plants vs. Zombies was created by George Follower, that conceived it as an extra defense-oriented follow up to his fish simulator game Insaniquarium (2001), after that established it into a tower protection game including plants battling against zombies. The game took ideas from the games Magic: The Celebration and also Warcraft III; in addition to the flick Swiss Household Robinson. It took three and a half years to make Plants vs. Zombies. Rich Werner was the primary musician, Tod Simple programmed the game, and also Laura Shikhar composed the game's songs. In order to attract both informal and hardcore gamers, the tutorial was designed to be easy and spread throughout Plants vs. Zombies. Plants vs. Zombies was positively obtained by critics and was chosen for several awards, including Download Game of the Year and also Method Game of the Year as part of Golden Joystick Awards 2010. Reviewers praised the game's funny art style, simple yet engaging gameplay, and soundtrack. Upon release in May 2009, it was the fastest-selling video game created by Poplar Games and also swiftly became their best-selling game, going beyond Bejeweled as well as People. By 2010, it had sold over a million duplicates worldwide. In 2011, Poplar was gotten by Digital Arts (EA). The business gave up Follower as well as 49 various other employees, noting an adjustment of emphasis to mobile and social PC gaming. After the acquisition, Plants vs. Zombies was adhered to by a series of games including two straight sequels, three third-person shooters, as well as two spin-offs, a lot of which have actually obtained favorable reviews.

Happy New Year! And we are not before anyone, because 2022 promises to be one of the best years in the history of video games. At least, on January 1, the calendar that comes epic smell and, although there will always be delays, it is going to be the year in which several of the most anticipated titles of recent times, so The dilemma will be to take time to play everything that is coming, which is going to be an authentic madness.

So, to open your mouth and prepare for what is to come, we leave you a selection of the most anticipated games of 2022 and the reasons why we were dying to play them. And that they will have left many surprises that are not yet announced and suddenly appear to leave us with their mouths open. We're going to get fire from the thumbs!

Legends Pokémon Areas

Release Date : 28/1/2022 Platforms : Nintendo Switch

We return to the Singh region to live a new adventure with Pokémon. The game gives an important temporary leap, in which the idea of ​​being Pokémon trainers or competing. So we will see creatures in widely environments that hinder catches. A very claimed open world game that will give us another way to see one of the most successful sagas in the history of video games; and that since it is a candidate to take many prizes.

Dying Light 2

Release date : 4/2/2022 Platforms : PS4, PS5 Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Switch

Dying Light 2 is almost more expected for the long period of developing development, but it is true that it is a step below many of the titles that we are going to mention in this article. Even so, the first installment has had a growth that has expanded over the years, because its mixture of zombies, survival and parkour have decorated deeply. With many contents, they want to follow the maximum and better, to get a game in the market.

Lost Ark.

Release date : 11/2/2022 Platforms : PC

Although with New World has not gone everything well that awaited Amazon Game Studios, they have a new letter with Lost Ark, who has already dazzled in beta phases and has all the ballots to become a very media tic game. This MMORPG will take us to explore places and get improvements for our characters, allowing to alternate between weapons and abilities of all kinds to look for the ark while we ended up with hordes of enemies. The possibility of meeting for these incursions in the company will be one of the main assets of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West

Release date : 18/2/2022 Platforms : PS5, PS4

The new adventures of Ally are another of the candidate games for everything. The heroine now has to travel to the dangerous west, where to face new machines that will take you by land, air and sea. Submarine levels are one of the main novelties of a game that promises to be very vertical. Both in its development, and in exploration or in the fighting, where we will have to take advantage of the different skills of the redhead warrior. The Hype with the guerrilla game is over high.

Elder Ring.

Release date : 25/2/2022 Platforms : PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC

Back of fromSoftware are larger words. One of the most anticipated games of recent years is about to arrive. It was delayed a month with respect to initially planned, but the joint work of Hideaway Miyazaki and George R. R Martin is already here. We can define it as a Dark soul of the open world, with an immense map to explore and the endeavored difficulty of usual, which will put us in a challenge to deal with the multiple enemies that the SINUS will find along the way.

Great Tourism 7

Release date : 4/3/2022 Platforms : PS5, PS4

Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2022

One of the most popular driving simulators in the world is back. Gran Tourism 7 was also delayed polishing its proposal and seek the most absolute realism in the races, taking advantage of the benefits of new generation systems. In addition, the game of Polyphony is one of the most important esports in the world, and will be a proposal with support of several years, in which the best SIMPLER will be battered to cross the line of pictures first.

Stalker 2.

Release date : 28/4/2022 Platforms : PC, Xbox Series X | S

Stalker 2 is much more than a first-person shooter. It is also a post-apocalyptic adventure and has touches of terror and RPG. Come on, you have all the ingredients to become one of the safe bets of the year. The first installment is practically a worship game, and this wants to follow the same path. In addition, its creators have shown that they listen to their community, and that is necessary to make a round work. And his graphics remove the hiccup, for what we want more!

For spoken.

Release date : 24/5/2022 Platforms : PS5, PC

Since this year it seems that there will be no Final Fantasy -FF XVI has ballots to go to 2023- it seems that For spoken will be the substitute. And it looks very good, because it is an open-world actioning in which we will have a huge map to move at full speed and a dynamic combat system, where the protagonist powers come into play. It seems that it is coming without making a lot of noise, but it may be of those games that arramplate with everything as soon as they are available.

Star field.

Release date : 11/11/2022 Platforms : PC, Xbox Series X | S

Is it possible for a game from which we have not even seen Gameplay can be among the most expected? Of course. Star field is one of those games that has the guarantee obtained by the trajectory of Bethesda in their sagas. From this spatial adventure we have only seen a brief teaser and some look at the planets that will allow us to visit; But little more. Even so, we know that it has been developing many years and that they are putting an effort to make us live something legendary. Its release date is already magical by itself.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Release date : to be determined Platforms : Switch

The sequel is not even going to be called like that, but it is the least. Back with Link and Zelda to Rule are going to be magical after the mythological masterpiece that was Breath of the Wild. Nintendo has been dealing with this development with meth and showing the right and necessary, but it is inevitable to consider it as one of the most expected games. There are those who do not believe that comes out in 2022, but the defeating can not let it spend more time. It's time to brandish the sword again. To end enemies, to explore and visit all kinds of dungeons. We can not wait any longer.

Hogwarts Legacy

Release date : to be determined Platforms : PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC

The game based on the Harry Potter universe who are developing from Avalanche Software was the first one that was delayed in 2021. Since then, we have not heard anything again, except for a statement that promised news for 2022. It seems that bureaucratic problems with JK Rowling and The restlessness of Warner Bros. They are delaying to see new details, Gameplay and the anxietyed date of launch. It seems difficult to leave 2022; It would be a trick of bad taste.

God of War Ragnarök

Release date : to be confirmed Platforms : PS5, PS4

The restart of one of the most important sagas of PlayStation brought some distrust to many by the change of style, but only a few minutes living the new path of Rates and Atreus is enough to stay dazzled. In his journey through Nordic mythology, father and son have to face new and dangerous enemies; With mythological gods by means, of course. The game promises to be continuous, but it is exactly what is needed to continue a round adventure. The artistic direction with which Sony Santa Monica has endowed his work, is simply incredible. He's going to fight for the Got with all the forces of him.

SENNA'S SAGA: Hell blade 2

Release date : to be determined Platforms : Xbox Series X | S, PC

It has a long development, but we could finally see new Gameplay in the recent Gala of The Game Awards, and the sequel to the adventures of Senna promise to be impressive. The visual section of it removes the hiccup thanks to the benefits of Unreal Engine 5. Everything that is seen in the video is In game and will help us get into the audiovisual oppressive atmosphere on this new trip to madness.

Bayonet ta 3.

Release date : to be determined Platforms : Switch

The Umbra witch has been caught, because the development of the third installment of this charismatic Hack and Slash saga is very long. So much, that they sounded to cancellation voices, because in Platinum Games they always gave long about it, with the genuine Hide Kamila at the head. However, a few months ago we could see her first gameplay — until then we had only seen the logo of her-and came back hope. In the end there was a gleaming 2022 like a fuck-ups. There is less

Gotham Knights.

Release date : to be determined Platforms : PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S

Another game that was coming this year but was delayed to 2022 is Gotham Knights. The proposal aims at Warner Bros. Montreal fun cooperatively with Night wing, Red Hood, Robin and Batgirl; who will fight to end the villains of the city of crime in the absence of Batman. A proposal drinking from many games, but who wants to take advantage of the narrative power of the DC factory to shine through in the middle of the night. A risky move, we are keen to have at hand.

Knight Hollow: Silk song

Release date : to be determined Platforms: PC, Switch

Another game that is being done to pray is Silk song Knight Hollow. The sequel to this metroidvania that caused furor was announced a couple of years and although a release is sensed in 2021, no one from Team Cherry has said absolutely nothing about the project does; and it has been one of the great absent in all events of the sector. Have faith touches, like when you go wrong in a fight against a boss and goes back. You have to come this year.

Other games

We have a selection of highly anticipated games, but there are many who have been left out because we could spend the entire year preparing the list. They are not, not detract. So, to make up a little, we will draw up a list of other games to be pending. And yet, we continue leaving masterpieces in the pipeline. Menu do year, this 2022.

Saints Row Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League Sight The King of Fighters XV Tunic Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin The Day Before Lost Soul Aside Somerville Digimon Survive Red fall The Last Night Little Devil Inside Atomic Heart Ghost wire Tokyo


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