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Grid Legends has ambitious goals that do not involve any microtransaction

Overview of Grid legends

On November 30, Code masters organized an online overview of their latest runner — Grid Legends. It has been more than two years since the last Grid game is out and this time the developer brings out the franchise with Trio.

A bang that includes things such as a larger variety of vehicles — including GTE, more racing modes, including multi-classes, and a new direction for the franchise — a story mode. The declared code masters goal is to create the X-Games of Motorsports crossed with a Netflix — Drive to Survive experience.

Code masters presents Grid Legends as an action race with a motor sport theme and to carry it up, it is based on three pillars of game design:

Create your own race stories Variety and choice A living and social world

Grid Legends Early Access Hands On / EA Creator Network

With these pillars, the goal is to hire the player not only by winning races, but also by emotionally involving a narrative trip. These two elements will operate not only to provide an arc throughout the season, but will create dramatic moments at each race.

Run with drama

Side story, you play the game as, never seen by the player, Driver 22. You join the Tee ca Motorsport team as a rookie and run alongside the number one pilot of the team, Hume Tanaka. You fight against rival teams like Raven west. The story mode is linear and will take about 8 to 10 hours. The story is told in a documentary style and uses live sequences, interviews and track catches. Real players play roles such as Cut Fatwa, seen most recently in Netflix — Sex Education based on a scenario written by Brad Kane, who worked on Ghosts of Sushi. The game uses virtual production sets, developed by The Mandalorian, to film the story.

There will be well-known career mode with Rookie, Semi-Pro and Pro categories for all vehicle classes with upgrading paths. To spice up career mode, each race is made unique by adding random events. There will be persistent rivals — also true in the online game, an AI that makes errors, random mechanical failures, an extended grid of 16 to 22 cars and the iconic Grid Flashback option, which allows you to go back. And change your destiny.

more cars, more tracks than ever

More than 130 vehicles distributed in forty-eight classes of cars and nine categories will strengthen the variety of the race and the choice of players. Categories such as Touring, GT, Tuner, Track Day, Other, Open Wheel, Trucks, Electric and Drift. There will be nine game modes against the three proposed by Grid 2019. So you can run on circuits, head-to-face races, multi-classes, electric, stadium trucks, counter-la- Watch, drift and elimination.

To further improve the race experience, Grid Legends offers improved physics, new vehicles and camera behaviors. There is also a race designer that allows players to create and share their own visions of the race. On the PS5 / Xbox Series X consoles, there will be a 4K and 120FPS support — although it is not confirmed if both will be possible at the same time. The game has a wheel holder and for the fans, there are several views of the cockpit.

Grid Legends Strategy to keep players engaged by adding a social aspect. The goal of keeping engaged players is creating a living racing environment. This is done by blurring the boundaries between online and offline game. The multiplayer is made accessible and also multiplatform. An intelligent menu gives the player of new content, social activities, progression and friends invites. Weekly and monthly scheduled events as well as premium service content are also available. Before you worry, the contents of the premium service will not divide the base of players. Everyone can reach an event even if you do not have content offered only in the Premium Service. Another positive point is that there are no microtransactions.

Code masters has great projects for the game, and we look forward to seeing if they materialize. Grid Legends will be released on 25 February 2022 on PC and PS4 / 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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