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MSI's pointed new gaming note Pulse GL66 11U is just a futuristic warrior! How to extend the game experience model with a numeric keypad model

Gaming notebook PC PULSE GL66 11U on sale from MSI. Belgian 3D Artists Marten Verboten's future warriors' motifs that motifs the motifs are a vivid originality that is not in other gaming notes.

In this paper, we introduce Apex Legends as well as high specs and attractive look. In addition, the 15.6-inch model's unique numeric keypad will extend the game experience, and also touch the practicality in the creative app.

First, check the spec or appearance easily!

Introduction Introducing the basic specifications of Pulse GL66 11U. This time I borrowed from MSI Pulse-GL66-11UEK-068JP which is the top model of three PULSE GL66 11U. The mounted GPU is GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU 6 GB GDDR6. This is a GPU for labeled on the first 2021, and most of the current game can be played, and it is also suitable for creative areas such as complex 3D scene rendering and editing of 4K video. Video editing will also handle 8K materials depending on the codec.

GPUs with two models other than the top level are GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU 4 GB GDDR6. This is a 4 GB memory, and it is a bit uneasy to read high-definition textures, but in a powered environment, you can achieve the same performance as RTX 2060.

The CPU is the latest CPU Intel Core I7-11800H (8 Core 16 Thread) announced in the middle of 2021 in all Variations, Pulse GL66 11U. Also, the 15.6-inch display corresponds to 144 Hz, but the resolution is full HD (1,920 × 1,080) based on the balance of GPU performance.

Check the characteristic appearance!

The case where the above-mentioned high specifications are fitted are both compact and cooling and stiffness. Let's look at the whole.

The titanium gray-based chic housing is a powerful atmosphere such as gaming PC, even though it is too flashy.

The keyboard size feels like this. The full keyboard is well-fitted to the 15.6-inch model.

USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C × 1, USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A × 2, USB 2.0 Type-A × 1, HDMI × 1, Headphone Output (Hi-RES) / Microphone Input Combo for I / O port Equipped with jack x 1. All common functions are installed, and it is not difficult to use basic usage.

Pulse GL76/GL66 11UX Tutorial and Know-How - Ep3 | MSI

By connecting from HDMI to an external monitor, you can build more than 4K environments.

The back is quite quite quiet. This is to maximize the performance of a powerful cooling system COOLER BOOST 5. Internally, two fans and multiple heat pipes are carried. Gaming notes that make full use of the body performance are also relieved that such a cooling system is equipped because there is a model that will be hot at a burn level.

Actually play the game! How Pulse GL66 11U is Pulse GL66 11U ?

Well, until here, I was looking at individual specifications such as GPU and CPU, but the most worried is how much game can be played.

Apex Legends is an important title that is an important frame rate. There are also few players to lower the settings to maintain the frame rate. However, the works that are also tired of the world view like Apex Legends are high graphic settings...... Such greedy requests can also be Pulse GL66 11U.

Even if it is a high graphic setting like an image above......

It operates at a frame rate of about 100 to 120, and understands the height of its performance. Adjusting the settings can also be raised to 144 fps, which is the upper limit of the display.

Let's leverage the numeric keypad creatively to the game!

Now, speaking of the gaming keyboard, something is treated as something no child. Certainly, recent keyboards have many mini-size keyboards with numeric keypads and regular 60% size.

I also purchased a small keyboard when I could get on the epidemic, but there are many situations that I feel inconvenient if I use it. By the title, the mini-size keyboard does not have enough keys, and it is somewhat unsuitable for task system software and creative fields that diverse the numeric keypad.

Are you also interested in topics related to Numeric Keypad Games?

Pulse GL66 11U is a good point that the full-size keyboard is placed well in the 15.6-inch model and the function key is not omitted. In FPS games, function keys are often allocated to seat movements (such as Battlefield 2042 ) (such as Battlefield 2042 ) 60% Keyboard There is no possibility that it is inconvenient if it is a keyboard.

For the numeric keypad, a game that uses all in the author's play environment is an unexpected impression that a game that uses some is unusual.

For example, in the Space 4x Strategy Game Stellar is, the operation of changing the flow of time is assigned to + - of the numeric keypad. As it is a game with many operations, I would like to adjust and play the flow of time, especially when I was a beginner.

In addition, if the large-scale fleet battle broke out, if you can operate the flow of time with the + and - of the numeric keypad, you can see the light and shoot scenery slowly with the light beam and the sprinkled scenery.

Ten keys are also used in MMO games. For example, in Final Fantasy XIV, it is possible to operate some numeric keypads, such as target lock on, 4 and 6 target lock on, 4 and 6. Of course, it is possible to allocate the numeric keypad to another action, so it will be more effectively used depending on your device.

The numeric keypad is valid outside the game. For example, the CAD software Fusion 360 provided by Autodesk, many adjustments to 0.01 mm units in modeling, and numerical input is essential. In particular, when making fine products, there are many works that set numerical values ​​while confirming digital modeling data and actual items.

Such frequent numerical input can also be handled if there is a ten key.

In addition, Pulse GL66 11U has high species that can be relieved when dealing with huge data in Fusion 360. Even if it is a polygon number, it can be easily moved, and the work will progress.

I felt that Pulse GL66 11U was actually experienced is the usefulness and high specification of the numeric keypad. If the desktop PC is dissatisfied with the keyboard, it may be replaced, but it will not be in the laptop. The keyboard comes up to the important factors in the purchase.

The compact Pulse GL66 11U with a full key is fully having a sense of security that can handle any situation. Is the high speckle that can be used in the future is not attractive?

The prices of Pulse-GL66-11UEK-068JP borrowed this time from 199,800 yen. NVIDIA® GeForce RTX3050 TI LAPTOP GPU 4 GB GDDR6 is installed, and PULSE-GL66-11UDK-065JP equipped with 512 GB SSD is 183,800 yen (both as of November 17th price).

Both of the product main domestic warranties are two years from the date of purchase. Repair is three years from the product release date. AC adapters and batteries are domestic guarantees for one year from the date of purchase. Global Warranted (warranties that can be received in other countries) are one year from the date of purchase.

PULSE-GL66-11UEK-068JP Product page is here


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