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Hideki Kamiya unveils the reasons for the cancellation of Scalebound

Known for its volcanic temperament, especially when players invalidate on social networks, Hide Kamila has yet returned to calm on two of his projects for the Cutscenes chain. In this new chapter of Kamila Chronicles, the director of Devil May Cry explains in particular the reasons that led to the cancellation of Scale bound, this ambitious project contracted with Microsoft in the middle of the previous decade.

And for the strong man of Platinum, it is above all by manqué of experience that the development has capped. Scale bound was a project we teamed with Microsoft. They were waiting for good things from us, and we had to live up to these expectations. Seamless with Microsoft meant the game on the last Xbox console and I had again desired to make a high-end title. I wanted to come back to something photorealistic. It was both personal ambition, but I thought that improving our graphic ability and move to the next stage of creating Modern games was also a necessity for platinum games, explains Kamila face camera.

Grand Amateur of Korean, Hydride and all the great Japanese RPG classics of the mid-1980s, the creator of Fruitful Joe had put in mind to make a game on the theme of the fantasy, with at the heart of the experience An irreverent hero flanked by a dragon. Before confronting this ambition to reality: was a great challenge for Platinum games. We were working in an environment we were not used. We were developing on the Unreal Engine, but we did not have the know- Making it necessary to build a game based on online features, does it echo the integration of a mode in cooperation, which has been the subject of a public announcement at the Games com 2015.

The obstacles we had to overcome were very important. We were not experienced enough, and could not cross this wall, which led to what happened in the end. Im sorry for the Players who waited for him impatiently, and especially Im sorry for Microsoft who trusted us as a trading partner. I want to apologize both as a creator and as a member of Platinum games, lament. Still Hide Kamila, four years after the cancellation of Scale bound.

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What lately did not stop the boss studio, At sushi India, to take a dream of a possible resurrection under conditions: This intellectual property belongs entirely to Microsoft. Whatever happens, we can not do anything It is unless Microsoft does not allow us. But its a game that we fell in love. If the opportunity presented himself, I would love to come back, he said in February 2020. It was still the world. Before.

For other confessions of this type, including the Wonderful 101 design, we obviously invite you to follow the Cutscenes chain and videos regularly uploaded in collaboration with the GamexSpark website and archipelago talents. And to discover the Future of Platinum, the preview of the Pipomanmantis on Babylons Fall is available at this address.

Kamiya Chronicles: The Wonderful 101, then Scalebound | 神谷英樹:The Wonderful 101、そしてスケイルバウンド To read also | Cancellation of Scale bound: Platinum games assumes its errors as Microsoft


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