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The announcement of Diablo Immortal is now over 3 years ago and still the game is dismissed as cheaper mobile imitation. Wrongly, Mango editor Benedict finds Grotius — the until recently even critical of the game against.

Almost everyone who Diablo played Immortal is convinced that this is a perfect game. The problem is that there are just a few can play so far — especially here in Germany. Accordingly, many Diablo fans are in the comments here, on YouTube or Reddit the game more critically compared. Just like me until recently.

As a jack of all trades I get with us on Mango often times Play slipped that should I edit that otherwise fit anyone. This is thanks to my tens of thousands of hours of experience in all kinds of genres and games (one wash real Keller kind flat).

That was the case with Diablo Immortal and I inwardly cursed it. Well, I like Diablo, but I ve never been through like the whole eternal Grind. And Mobile? Meh. I am PC gamers with all my heart! And even the boss has left Diablo Immortal before the release. Why would I want to do that?

But the more I write about Diablo Immortal and read, the more I m interested in the game. And the less I can understand why it still would collect as much malice. Because that is absolutely inappropriate, although I understand where the original resentment comes.

A catastrophic first impression

The launch of Diablo Immortal had poor can not be. Some of you probably do not know more about what is actually happening at that time — is indeed already a few years back.

Blazon 2018 Diablo Immortal was announced. The reactions of the fans to not be nice to talk again: It was hated with every fiber. This went from a fan who asked if that should be an April Fool s joke about allegations Immortal was just a clone drafter to a content creator, fearing for his future because Diablo Immortal.

But why actually There are several reasons?:

For one thing Diablo Immortal the big announcement Blazon 2018. It has got the most important place on the big stage. Traditionally, the expected blockbuster titles here: new WoW expansion, a new Warcraft or the like. On the other hand waited especially Diablo fans here at Diablo 4 — or any novelty to their franchise. Diablo is interesting always been a PC title and since Diablo 3 only for console fans. Diehard followers felt alienated by a mobile title.

The crown sat on the idea then, as the game director Wyatt Cheng, the question of a PC port countered with: Have not you all no cell phones at the latest from then on was Diablo Immortal the enemy. And it is to this day — but undeserved.

From the April Fool for MMORPG

After the Blazon 2018 it was pretty quiet around Diablo Immortal. The game disappeared from the scene and many — myself included — have assumed that Blizzard is waiting once, have until the waves smoothed.

Since Diablo Immortal is primarily developed in and for China, generally spilled a few details about the West. At least until the first major Alpha end of 2020. Here, players were able to test the first time on a large scale and... were surprised how much they liked it. Even the colleagues at Gamester were amazed at the quality of the game:

Now, in 2021, more and more information coming to the game and since October the closed beta runs in Canada and Australia. Although I have also accessed, however, can Immortal thanks to the pings to the next server only fair play hard.

What I have seen so far from the game, however, is perfect. I m really convinced that the features of Diablo Immortal make more than just a mobile Diablo. There is an MMO, maybe even an MMORPG.

cities full of life, full of Dungeons Loot

Diablo Immortal sets with all the features to multiplayer. From vibrant cities on taverns where their carousing with other players to guilds, PVP and dungeon right.

And I am not talking about this lousy, randomly generated caves on random maps somewhere in the desert of ice or Greater Rifts, but by real dungeons. In Immortal there is the possibility of taking in a group instances.

In these certain bosses wait to loot, but that is apparently still random. There are stage recommendations, group builds like tank and support, and various strategies for the mechanics in the dungeons.

According to current information specific dungeons even have a kind of lockout — can therefore only be visited often limits until the next reset. Just as you would like to know World of Warcraft from MMORPGs.

The loot is similar, as you already know it from the series. Can set and legendary items with certain random values ​​that are more or less roll good. The hunt for the God-roll therefore remains unchanged.

However, what is more speaks for a living, breathing MMO PVP is. The PVP represents the pinnacle of Diablo Immortal is.

rises to God an entire server on

Diablo Immortal will get a real guild system — the so-called Dark Houses. Players in these houses are called Shadows, so shade.

These shadows struggling in the endless Cycle of Strife for control of the world. Literally, because who is establishing itself as the strongest house, the Immortal — one of the two factions of the game.

Immortal protect Sanctuary and get special buffs. A maximum of 500 players can be immortal per server — contrary to an unlimited number of shadow. The icing on the cake here is the head of the leading house.

Which is every week must start a raid boss, against 30 other players and the opponent can easily foreshorten. He wins, he remains the God. Loses it, is another player can secure the eternal crown and there will be a new ruler.

The king is dead, long live the king!

The battle for the crown is the real story of Diablo Immortal — which are in fact too! Shadows and Immortal fight constantly about protecting Sanctuary and the immortals will not be corrupted by their power, examine the shadows it again and again.

In the game, it looks like that the 10 houses with the most points send their best eight fighters in the battle to also 10 teams to fight the immortals. This results in the rite of exile, a classic payload -PVP mode.

Win the shade at least half of these battles is proclaimed the challenge of the immortals. Each leader of the houses looking out his two best allies, so 10 teams compete each with 3 players in the arena against the immortals, as described above.

The Immortal falls, the shadows are revived and then fight as 10 teams in a battle royale. The head of the survivors will be the new Immortal. This event will take place every week on Sundays — even if it will ever see a few players:

two fractions with different tasks

By shadows and immortal, there are two factions fighting each other. But that happens dynamically, because if you are not strong enough (or if The Immortal on Sunday is not there), take on other players the lead.

The Moment Diablo Died At Blizzcon 2018 (Hardcore Death Highlight)

Depending on what you are, do you have other activities:

Immortal get about something like raid for 48 players While shadows can loot the vault of the immortals in smaller groups.

By the way: The players of the dark houses must work together to be able to vote in the great endgame activities. All they need to complete various actions, which on account deposit. So that PVP is a collaborative effort.

Even if you decide to PVP, you can benefit from it. PVP is optional, even if there are powerful bonuses as an immortal — such as increased chance of magical items. The good thing is: The bonus is obviously for the whole group. So you have to know only one of the 500 immortals on the server that you take along.

Diablo as MMO — Exactly what fans want for years?

A Diablo MMO Fans Demand at least since Diablo 2, louder least since Diablo 3 World of Warcraft has shown us how to turn a franchise in a perfect MMORPG and now Diablo fans want that too.

In fact, Diablo Immortal is exactly what can satisfy this desire. All I see so the game and hear sounds promising. It apparently provides exactly what is supposed to have a Diablo MMO:

Social interactions in cities, not only in their own lobby Real guilds PVP and Eve activities take place only blunt Grind Diablo still feeling by optics and classes

Diablo Immortal looks plus remarkably well and remains at heart a Diablo. Tester already said it games like Diablo 3 — only better.

But that s Mobile Dirt!

Yes, Diablo Immortal is a mobile game. And also I have been annoyed about it and I often wished lately, but it may appear to the PC. This is, however, once planned.

After talking to my boss Day precisely on this subject (and this article here), she told me, however, that the future lies in mobile gaming. Clear: the mobile market is growing and from a monetary perspective is a mobile MMO the only right decision.

And yes, it s true. Diablo Immortal is mainly intended for the Asian market, on which mobile gaming is already much widespread than here. And with revenue, the studio would have a better foundation to finance new games.

Blizzard needs Diablo Immortal as the last hope. Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 are postponed, WOW chips enormously and only Hearthstone does somehow halfway around.

Immortal has to be a success if Blizzard should stay as a name. Nevertheless, as a player, I would wish that it comes to the PC. In the podcast memo deals with whether Blizzard has a future:

But there is still a small consolation paving. Emulators like BlueS tacks are not categorically forbidden. Although they are not officially supported, but above all, because something happens at their own risk. You can also play Diablo Immortal on the PC and even very pleasant thanks to Controller support. An instruction for the emulators can be found at the colleagues of Gamester.

The fact that Diablo can play outstandingly with controllers showed Diablo 3 and Diablo 2: Resurrected. Meanwhile, I even think that it feels better with a game pad.

So it is a bit easier to get over, that I do not get PC-MMORPG from Diablo — and I m looking forward to finally testing and playing it properly.

Diablo Immortal is even on our list with the most promising MMOs and MMORPGs on Memo:

The 8 most promising new MMOs and MMORPGs for 2021


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