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CJ ENM, Laraland manufacturer

CJ ENM (representative King Ho-sung) announced on the 19th that the Global Sports & Entertainment Group Endorser Group Holdings (Endorser) is an Endeavor Control Tent contract.

In addition, CJ ENM has also disclosed a separate studio establishment that produces a multi-genre content such as entertainment, drama, movies, and animations through physical partitioning.

CJ ENM has established a global production base in the United States, a global culture center, which is a global culture center, and secured a global production base and a global content distribution network.

CJ ENM opens the board of directors in the morning, and it considers 80% of the stake in NEVER CONT. CJ ENMs NEVER CONNECT COASTAL NOTICE number is 8 million shares. The entire enterprise value was set to $850 million (1 trillion won).

CJ ENMs US Local Special Purpose Corporation CJ ENM USA Holdings signed an IMC Worldwide and stake contract with End ever Constant.

Endeavor Clinches $775M Deal With CJ For 80% Stake In Scripted Content

The stake in the management of stable business and partnership after the acquisition has an existing major shareholder. Chris Rice and Graham Taylor, a joint representative of Endorser Conference, and the condition of maintaining major management and core personnel such as Graham Taylor. The two companies plan to finish the acquisition process next year.

CJ ENM acquires the Endeavor Connect and secures global studios and distribution pipelines, simultaneously planning to explore K-content supplies to capture the global market by adding a Multi-genre Studio of Studio Dragon.

Regarding a deflection, CJ ENM officials said, It is the purpose of effectively responding to the global target content production value of global targets and K-content demand that is rapidly surging world.

Diffusion of K Content in Global

CJ ENM, who has been the largest global acquisition (M & A) of the largest global acquisition (M & A) since its starting cultural business, has been a global base, and the worlds consumers are targeted to a full-scale remake of CJ ENM, It is a policy.

The company has a powerful influence to be called Endeavor Empire, and Dwayne Johnson, Mark Hamburg, has more than 7,000 clients, including top-of-the-art artists and sports stars, including Mark Wilbur. The US entertainment industry is a unique location in the US entertainment industry, including recording sales of about 4 trillion won last year.

In the meantime, CJ ENM has been actively promoting remake in the global market based on its IP based on its IP. Through this Endeavor Connect acquisition, we have been steadily secured to Global OUT and channel distribution. By establishing a structure that can continuously introduces the IP of CJ ENM, such as drama, movies, entertainment, it has established a structure that can accelerate the global business.

It is also advantageous to secure original IP and profitability accordingly. The IP of the End ever Connect can be enabled for CJ ENM, so it is possible to enhance profitability through IP distribution as well as IP distribution, as well as IP distribution.

Good quality original contents are expected to contribute to strengthening global competitiveness of digital platform teeming, which is ahead of global OUT market. In addition, when Endeavor content is in development, CJ ENMs domestic and Asian IP becomes added, it is expected to have a rich content portfolio that encompasses the East and West. A wide range of creators such as PD and writers, including both companies in Korea and the United States, are expected to be the core power of production capacity globalization.

Chris Rice, Graham Taylor Endorser Constant Co., Ltd. I am glad to be able to provide greater value to all of our artists, creators, and business partners through this instrument, said Chris Rice. I will make it.

Ariel Emanuel Enliven co-founder and representative said, We have been aware of the studios that artists have been able to spread their capabilities based on the freedom of creation and ownership. While continuing these values, it is firmly believed to grow global.

King Ho-sung CJ ENM representative is The rapid growth capacity of the enthusiast on tent, the production capacity of the Endeavor Control, which is rapidly growing in the United States and Europe, and the CJ ENMs K Contents Production know-how, and the success IP will admit the best synergy, ultimately, It is a goal to leap to the Global Major Studio, which is covered.

In a fierce acquisition competition, the Global Media Group participated in the fierce acquisition of the migration, is a creative partner, as a creative partner, and is the next aspect of the day. Since January, CJ ENM has pursued a strategic partnership of Bond and Endeavor Control, which is a drama production subsidiary, and has been conducted on content using the IP of the two companies.

CJ ENM official said, It is unreasonable for Global Studios in the M & A market, which is unreasonable for Global Studios, which has excellent planning and production capabilities such as Endeavor Connect, said TF as soon as it appears in the market in the market because of the excellent capacity of Endeavor Connect. And I participated actively on the acquisition negotiations.

Domestic and other studios twins multi-studio deployment

In addition to the existing studio dragons and the acquisition of the existing studio dragon in Korea, CJ ENM is a new multi-genre studio.

The purpose of the establishment promotion is to maximize the profit business, including building efficient multi-studio systems and expanding global content to strengthen global content production capabilities.

The production companies with industry-leading production capabilities such as the Studio Dragon and Multi-Genre Studio Mountains, Mao Films, Cultural Warehouses, Milan Bolts, Vlad Studios, M Milan Bolts, Blood Studios, Em Mica, Gothstast, Orthodontists, and JK Films. The studios of CJ ENM are the production control tower, such as content planning and portfolio strategy, and content investment, and the production of the production control tower, and the production of the production, the production of the production is planning to play a role in planning and creativity.

CJ ENM is a global base camp of CJ ENM, CJ ENM, and Studio Dragon is a professional studio, which is a professional studio, which is a professional studio, which is a professional studio, which is a professional studio,, Animation, such as an animation, is a multi-genre studio capable of being able to complete the completion of the completed self-production ecosystem.

The River representative is the beginning of the enemy to the multi-studio system through the enablement of the Endeavor content and the new studio. I will continue to continue.


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