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Black Friday 2021: Is it worth buying a second monitor for gaming and home office?

Soon is Black Friday and some of you may consider whether you want to buy a second monitor for your setup. Mango explains why a second monitor could certainly be a meaningful investment for gaming and home office.

In many offices often several monitors are at the desk and in the home apartment is no longer a rarity. Presumably, some of you have already considered getting a second monitor.

But what do me bring me two monitors or a dual monitor setup? Mango introduces you advantages and disadvantages and explains to whom and why a second monitor could be worthwhile.

Two monitors increase productivity and save time

What speaks for a second monitor? More screen area AHN our own natural field of view better. This looks more comfortable for the eyes. Curved monitors also help the field of view of our eyes.

A setup of several monitors can be worthwhile for three reasons. Especially if you do not just want to gamble on your setup, but also want to use it for the work:

You can open several work areas side by side and saves time in this way. So you can tap a text on the right while you see the e-mail that you want to answer. The search for information in many windows and back and forth. You can keep an eye on your colleagues in a conversation while watching the presentation on the other monitor. You have more order on the desktop because you can distribute your content to multiple surfaces.

Another advantage is that you can easily use a dual monitor setup with a laptop.

Best Black Friday Monitor Deals! Best 1080p, 1440p & 4k! Some games offer you advantages in a second monitor. For example, Battlefield 4 offers a Battle screen where you can see important information such as a real-time strategy map while moving you on the other monitor.

A second monitor is important if you want to start streaming

Therefore, a second monitor can help: If you want to start streaming, then you have to do many things at the same time. This will be cumbersome as soon as you need to open and manage different windows on your monitor and stay in beside the gaming again and again in the chat after the order.

A second monitor clearly simplifies the situation:

Here you can place a video or chat while you can watch on the other monitor. Or you can interact with your spectators while watching them or looking for the named video. Alternatively, you can also place important streaming tools on the second monitor. You definitely save hectic movements if it needs to go fast.

If you are looking for a second monitor after further accessories for your streamer career, then we have a few more tips for you on Mango. In our overview, we introduce you to what you need for equipment:

5 things that you need for a good streaming room

A gaming monitor that is currently one of the best devices in the full HD area is the ASUS Turf Gaming VG279QM:

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | -

| Asus Turf Gaming VG279qm 68.6 cm (27-inch) Monitor, 1920 x 1080 (Fulled, Fast IPS, overclocked on... | 2,642 reviews | 349,00 EUR 273,37 EUR | To Amazon

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

Which disadvantages have two monitors?

More space requirements : Basically, you should be aware that a second monitor is needed. If you already have a small desk and do not have the place to hang the monitors, then a second monitor is likely to be difficult for you.

Of course, you can, to avoid the problem, also combine a large monitor with a smaller device.

More deflection: Also a disadvantage may be the additional distraction. If you want to open or control your feed on your second monitor, what your best friend had breakfast this morning, then distracts the end of really important tasks.

In addition, you can basically accommodate more information at once and must as if you just look at a screen.

Additional costs: For a dual monitor setup you have to invest additional money. Depending on what you already have for a monitor and want to have the same model again, the costs vary.

Basically, you must also note that your second monitor is even connected to your computer. Here you may need a second cable or adapter if you only have an HDMI connection on the main board or on the laptop.

Ultrawide vs. Dual Monitor — An alternative?

This speaks for the Ultrawide Monitor: As an alternative to two small monitors, you could also use a large monitor.

While in a dual monitor setup often sets two 16: 9 screens, the Ultrawide screen is only one device, without no disturbing interruption in the middle.

The resolution is slightly lower than if you put together two full HD monitors, but you have everything in mind and do not always have to turn your head when you want to look at something on your second monitor.

In addition, there is also a large monitor compact as a large monitor. It is also advantageous that you only need one HDMI or DisplayPort connection if you want to connect the monitor.

The Samsung C49HG90DMR The ODYSSEY series is currently one of the most famous widescreen monitors and can be found in the early Black Friday offers for around 800 euros.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | - | Samsung C49HG90DMR 124.20 cm (49 inches) Curved Gaming Monitor (3840 x 1080 pixels, Ultra Wide 32: 9... | 58 reviews | 979,00 EUR 779,20 EUR | To Amazon

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

Incidentally, the best ultrawide monitors for gamers counts the LG 34GN850-B (via the LG 34GN850-B. Here, according to the testers, you get an excellent reaction time at a 144 Hz panel and a low input layer. For an IPS panel, the contrasts are not perfect.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | - | LG 34GN850-B 86.7 Cm (34 inches) Curved WHO Ultragear Gaming Monitor (ultrawide, IPS panel with 1ms... | 2,508 reviews | 849,00 EUR 767,85 EUR | To Amazon

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

This speaks against: Two small screens are also more flexible. So you can also rotate about many monitors and use this way. This is helpful if you want to open and read documents or long chat curves. Theoretically, it is even possible to combine different major monitors.

A point that speaks against Ultrawide monitors is that you get in ultrawide resolutions in the range of 21: 9. However, many programs and websites are geared to 16: 9. When gambling or other tasks, black edges then stay back. An alternative would then be directly to the 32: 9 monitor to grip. But you are currently paying at least 700 euros and more like something for the Samsung C49HG90DMR, where the price is nearly 800 euros.

A large monitor is often much more expensive, especially if you do not want to do without certain features or high Hertz numbers for gaming.

If you are looking for the perfect gaming monitor for you, then looks best in our buying advice here on Mango. Here we introduce you to the best monitors for Full HD, WHO and 4K and also have a reasonable price for you:

The best gaming monitors 2021 for the PC


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