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Star metal tools for 40 steel bars: Business in New World is probably collapsed

In the last few days we already reported that the economy in Amazon s New World is probably sentenced to failure. According to players, too little gold is generated, as this is mainly about quests. When these times are over, there are hardly any ways to get new, raw gold.

The New World community already has some ideas on how to solve this. For example, each opponent should drop a few talers in the game or the developers are designed to implement dealers where players can sell their unwanted items for a little gold.

However, there is currently no solution for persistent deflation. Currency in New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) is now quite rare, because you do not have to pay little taxes for activities such as crafting or home ownership. In addition, prices in the trading post are quite low, since each player puts his other raw materials there, finally there is no way to get rid of this.

According to the PLAYERAUCTIONS page, the activities in New World do not generate enough gold to bet the various issues. The value of the Taler is therefore much higher than the value of the objects that can be acquired in the game. For example, players have probably started to exchange 1000 linen for 600 ores and 20 eggs.

Especially for new players, New World s current economic situation can become a big problem. Each player wants to bring his various professions to the maximum level, but the resulting objects can only be sold in the auction house. The fact that gold is meanwhile a rare resource and there is a very high offer of different items, barely talers can be generated by the crafting professions. Paired with the numerous and partly very high - taxes and the gold generated by quests disappears within a very short time.

According to PlayerAuctions, this could also lead to players for the MMO simply return the back, as their effort is not paid with sufficient gold with the levels of a new job.

From Daniel Link author 21.10.2021 at 18:29


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