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I can not hear it now ... What is the Mortal Combat series? ~ Part 1

Mortal Kombat (commonly abbreviated MK) is a series of combat video games. The series is competing with Capcom s Street Fighter franchise. The first game is sold in 1992 on arcade terminals, one year after the release of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. It is followed by fourteen games (eleven main games and three spin-offs) including the last, Mortal Kombat 11, comes out in 2019. The series is characterized by realistic graphics and brutal and bloody violence, whose factory brand are fatalities, bloody sequences of torture of the vanquished opponent. The letter K is often used in the series to spell words normally written with a hard C , for example in the word combat become Kombat. The beginnings of the series are very popular in the arcade terminals in the United States and give rise to public protests of parents and associations, condemning its excessive violence. Originally, the franchise was mainly developed by Midway. Following the closing of the studio, it is now developed by Netherrealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. There are many adaptations, especially in the form of animated, movies, novelization or comics.

Rainy day third time of the live-action movie version of the disk media has been successfully released also this time in Japan, Game fighting game has achieved a feat that premieres even Spark is carried out Mortal Kombat . There is a wide range of the profile to fan hidden from the layer of name only know in Japan, core Hiroshi Gefan does not might be a road once through.

In 2022 Actually, is a book series to celebrate the 30th anniversary, I think in particular that there are more people that totally not been released Actually I do not know at all recent works in Japan? The flow of the series of such Mortal Kombat in this article, we will be hot to commentary in order to increase the Motara is divided into before and after knitting.

follow the history of the long fight.

First of all, let s follow the flow of the story that colors the world. Although the primary is also available for significantly different from that story it has not yet been refined, 2 or later of the story is organized and integrated in of 9 work first was released in 2011, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition directly below. At this time we have is changed larger, such as setting of character but, which corresponds to 8 of his Mortal Kombat: Armageddon story line of up to has been to some extent maintained.

I respect the basic world view of this work, to become the stage the world area of ​​18 of the non-aggression made by the ancient gods. Is Liu Kang and God is the hero Leiden is the guardian Earthrealm , is a region of such those who be called the devil and Asmodian Netherrealm , Emperor Shao Kahn is mad war recite the supremacy world there are, such as Outworld (it is okay if you roughly know this side), it is in each of the regions there is a God called the guardian.

Although the respective area, which is the original non-aggression, by the ancient gods of the agreement, corresponds to the Battle Motal Kombat (which is the title of this game Mortal Kombat refers to the fact of this fight) if Seisure 10 times in a row you can launch aggression against other regions.

In the setting of primary Mortal Kombat Earthrealm has already lost nine consecutive times to Outworld, Chosen Earth warriors will challenge in the tournament wearing the mystery (Faitality). Heh won the tournament defeated is Liu Kang the assassin Shan Zun from the Outworld where that is invaded by once more.

Mortal Kombat Games Evolution (1992 - 2019) Is Shao Kahn was fed into a 2 Shang Tsun In will be held the Mortal Kombat trying to cause an invasion against the ground again, but stopped again to Liu Kang. Then, by Shao Kahn of stratagem that was fingered the invasion and measures to another world of 3 in Edenia, world by Outworld to the ground has been leaching will be to meet hardship of collapse. Guardian Leiden Earthrealm that can not be interference to another world formed a rebel army in order to stop the Shao Kahn, but to repel the invasion of Shao Kahn, new to Edenia resurrected evil god Shinokku that Leiden was once sealed again threats will be is approaching. The ground of the warrior in order to protect the Edenia has become the flow that is 4 to gather again.

Story will jump, but further of 8 of his in that series followed by Mortal Kombat: Armageddon book series, which is produced in Midway, which was also a sales company in at the same time will end once the bankruptcy of the company. Also on top of the story, all the world of the warrior torn to Shao Kahn, the world is now possible to finally fall into the hands of Shao Kahn.

Such a book series that had finished in the bad ending is independent of the development staff, you will need to re-starting under the name NetherRealm Studios as under the umbrella of the WB Games. Major staff remained basically unchanged, this series I was supposed to go as it is followed.

Story is also 9 of his suit to it in the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition , virtually reset. Guy is that reboot from the common crisis-class events in the so-called American comic. Past series in 9 of his story has become the flavor of the degree to enjoy if you know.

follow the evolution of the fight.

Such a long time the itinerant is founder of the Mortal Kombat with was born in 1992 the United States. Street Fighter 2 This work affected heavily of has started from where it was rejected at the time of the sales company (Midway) as trying to make the original fighting game in which the ninja theme.

At the time of the staff team seems to have wanted to create a game that uses a large character display, the live-action uptake of characters was performed using a video camera of John Tobias s personal belongings, which is also the main staff even now ( flow up to the tweet born at the time of the shooting landscape scene and the scorpion of animation that Mr. Ed Boon has been published).

Is also the todome system remains even now as a revolutionary system Fatality is I hate Upon exiting during the Piyori the game, the opponent was Piyo because of the interesting Bokoru, at the end of the game which was born by the idea of ​​how would be? put is, at that time has helped in the establishment of the ESRB is a rating agency in North America, even such as also AiMari now its specificity and grotesque depiction.

Therefore, when this work has been sold in the home machine that also in a different live-action ADV works and set Night Trap , violence in video games in the United States Senate has been discussion about the impact on youth (famous spine excl also an image at this time was listed in focus).

However, primary transplant to There is also a home for the machine that became a boom throughout the United States also are active in Japan, it had been sold by the time of Acclaim Japan even Super Nintendo and the Mega Drive and Mega Drive CD. However, its view of the world, even if there may be appreciated that was hard approachable by not common buttons and operation of the part at the time of the fighting game that guard button monkey, will boom, such as the United States although the core fans had in Japan it was not. But, the word this time ultimate KamiKen, which has been in the subtitle of the Japanese version will be passed down to the series after only in Japan.

Hit of primary leads 2 to the improvement of the budget of the expansion and development environment has undergone a dramatic evolution will also beautiful animation than the first generation. 2 which appeared in 1993, adding or of Fatality which can be used in a particular situation as well as additional characters, 2 and 3 is the title there are many enthusiasts still as an aerial combos and instant death combo such as fighting tool that has been devised by the research .

In addition, also director of Toasty! Dan Foden of sound in charge of coming occasionally appear in the lower right corner of the screen along with the sound of comes out has appeared from the 2 (image 3). Or has become a battle opportunity of a hidden character, it left a more intense impact is homage in other games. Or sandwiched between the story even after the series, in 9 of his has also become a classic through series such as himself to again cast.

Hit of the series movies and stage performances as well as the sequel, we will spread significantly from the comics to animation. As well as a game, in addition to the concept of the combo was not to become and 2, the formal element 3, has become a form close, such as the now of the latest dash button is added. 3 receives a hit, ULTIMATE been upgraded to in the form of free updates after, here, such as porting work after has become a base.

Those who live-action movie of the time have changed quite a bit is set, but has become a mild without extreme Fatality, I think we have been able to well in terms of live-action of the game (photo than at the time of movie trailers ).

This live-action movie is also a big hit, such as the actor himself dubbed and the appearance of the skin DLC in this live-action film version of the latest work MK11 is sold, also has been done rainy day revival in recent years (in Steam Japan since there is no means be obtained from the author did not even put in the hands truly).

But, in 1997 , which was launched for domestic machine Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, the day before the primary that corresponding to Tan at the end of the spin-off works of popular character sub-zero, here also feature a series of live-action capture you come to an end.

Also calm the fighting game boom in Japan, but there is also the game room itself has come to subside, but still unlike the game center was left still many, will change greatly circumstances overseas. Without a lot of the style of game centers like Japan in the United States, and one corner of the shopping mall, is that it is put in the shop corner, such as the bar was classic. And received a rating and security, such as the problem, also there that the arcade game market had declined, series called Mortal Kombat and 4 at the end will be to continue to shift to the home machine.

At the same time, it was to shift to there is also a hit 3D fighting game in the world, such as Tekken , Mokon also 3D at 4.

And new system increases, such as the line moves and weapons attack on the 4, it became in 3D, such as the old God Shinokku and sorcerers Kuanchi to be a key person in the post of the series will be the first appearance the series.

But, as a 3D fighting game, polygon frame animation also already and was higher overseas popular Tekken clean However, when the result than was hot the offense and defense of the line movement as Dead or Alive , an absolutely innovation It becomes the awkward work that does not feel too much, ... the result is not sluggish until there is as an evaluation.

If the old series is to play now, series work of up to 1-4 are 1-3 and 4 are sold in the GoG. 1-3 graphics is not as clean porting work to the MS-DOS until there honestly because of the base (4 for subsequent Windows PC version base, has become clean.)

In the past was able to purchase in the Steam also package a summary of the arcade 3 work called Mortal Kombat Kollection , it is not sold now because they were using the system of Windows Live Games. Itself to touch the past work does not have a problem if you buy in the GoG, but also because not the arcade master is where a little disappointing.

Next time, and the introduction of the series moved to the home machine in the latter part, we will send the story with the inclusion and attractions in the latest movie through the introduction of a popular character.

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