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How to catch Pokémon type Dragon Gordon Bicker

From Dratini to Hydreigon there is a large selection of dragon-Pokémon to catch Pokémon . Pokémon of the type Dragon has existed since the beginning of the revered series in the franchise. This guidance article follows the format of our other articles for catching various Pokémon types and shows you the tricks and tips as you can start with the beginning of the Dragon Pokémon Pokémon Gein .

I need this Pokémon! How can I get her?

There is a wealth of methods you can follow to catch Pokémon type Dragon for your lovable Pokémon collection. First, the main method is to look at particularly windy (especially near water), gust or foggy days after the respective Pokémon set, where more players have mentioned that they can catch Dragon Pokémon on such days. But always be careful and sure if you go out on windy days, you never go to risky areas, your safety comes first.

Confirmed places of Spawn sites of type Dragon are areas such as sights, cities and parks. In addition, players have found that it can be quite difficult to find this kind of Pokémon, but with determination and preparation they will certainly collect them quickly!

Another way to catch the Pokémon is to exchange with your friends against those who have already caught. To do this, meet your friend and be in at least 100 meters away from him. Then navigate to the trading screen by pressing your trainer profile. Go to the Friends tab and open the list, press your requested partner you want to deal with, and then tap the retail button to enter the trading screen.

From this point on, your partner can decide which Pokémon he wants to swap with them, and they can then get the desired Dragon Pokémon if they are particularly hard to find through the game mechanics. The HP, CP and other remarkable statistics of the Pokémon are adjusted in the exchange compared to those for your partner. This will be presented to you before trading on the screen.

The list of available Pokémon type Dragon

For players who ask themselves how many pokémon of type dragon in it are Pokémon go to delete them from their list; Here is the list of pure dragon pokémon and the mixture of elementary types. They are as follows:

Pure pokémon type dragon

Dratini Dare Dragonair Schelgon Axe Fracture Haxorus Goomy Sliggoo Goodra

A mix of dragon and other elementary pokémon

Exggertor - grass / dragon Dragonite - Dragon / Flying Kingdra - water / dragon Vibrava - floor / dragon Flygon - floor / dragon Altaria - Dragon / Flying Salamence - Dragon / Flying Latias - dragon / psychic Latios - Dragon / Psychic Rayquaza - Dragon / Flying GIBLE - Dragon / floor Gabite - Dragon / Soil Garchomp - Dragon / Soil Diaga - Steel / Dragon Palkia - water / dragon Giratina - Spirit / Dragon Deino - Dark / Dragon Two-Lou - Dark / Dragon Hydreigon - Dark / Dragon RESHIRAM - Dragon / Fire Cecrome - Dragon / Electric Kyurem - Dragon / Ice Dragalge - poison / dragon Noibat - Flying / Dragon Noive - Flying / Dragon

This is the complete list of the Dragon Pokémon, which you can collect at the time of writing. Everyone has their own unique features that really stand out from the crowd.

Will you hunt this Pokémon in the world?

Pokemon go is available for free for iOS and Android for free.


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