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Hitman 3: How to unlock all the weapons and equipment

In Hitman 3, there are a lot of weapons and equipment to unlock. You can unlock new equipment, by increasing your mastery level at each of the places Hitman third The items that you receive can then be used in any other stage. Each location has 20 championship stages, so you have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with each zone trusts while you ascend and unlock new rewards. Here you will learn how to unlock all weapons and equipment in Hitman third

All Hitman 3 weapons and equipment


Level 2 - Burj Al-Ghazali snow globe / atrium lobby (starting point) Level 3 - kitchen (hidden hiding) Level 4 - Meeting room (starting point) Level 5 - Emetic Poison Vial Level 6 - Penthouse supply space (hidden hiding) Level 7 - ICA briefcase Mk III / art installation (starting point). Step 8 - Atrium toilet (hidden hiding) Level 9 - maintenance space (hidden hiding) Level 10 - Explosive Golf Ball Level 11 - waxing room (starting point) Level 12 - laundry (hidden hiding) Level 13 - Ornate Scimitar Level 14 - Art Backstage balcony (Hidden Stash) Level 15 34 -Druzhina DTI sniper rifle Level 16 - N / A Level 17 - Penthouse ventilation system (Hidden Stash) Level 18 - N / A Level 19 - Penthouse (starting point) Level 20 - ICA Proximity Explosive Mk III / Aschfahler suit with gloves.


Level 2 - Lockpick Mk III / supplies (Hidden Stash). Level 3 - bathroom (hidden hiding) Level 4 - Garden (starting point) Level 5 - 19 ICA Short gun shooting / greenhouse (Hidden Stash) Level 6 - Personal room (starting point) Level 7 - sedative poison vial / dressing room (Hidden Stash) Step 8 - Behind the villa (starting point) Level 9 - Cemetery (hidden hiding) Level 10 - ICA Remote Audio Distraction Mk III. Level 11 - Library (starting point) Level 12 - Library (hidden hiding) Level 13 - Kukri knives Level 14 - Hall (hidden hiding) Level 15 - Explosive duck near Level 16 - Zachary s bedroom (starting point) Level 17 - laundry (hidden hiding) Level 18 - Walking Cane / Main Street (starting point) Level 19 - Behind the villa after the start of family reunion (starting point) Level 20 - Bartoli Woodsman hunting rifle / Classic Cut long coat suit and gloves


Level 2 - ICA Remote Micro Taser / staff room entrance (Agency pickup) Level 3 - Club entry (starting point) Level 4 - projection strip (Hidden Stash) Level 5 - ICA Remote Explosive Mk III. Level 6 - projection strip (the starting point) Level 7 - Custom 5mm DTI / basement toilet (Hidden Stash) Step 8 - Radio Tower (starting point) Level 9 - Biker Garage (Hidden Stash) Level 10 - Deadly Poison bottle Level 11 - Chill Out (starting point) Level 12 - Chill Out Staff Trailer (Agency pickup) Level 13 - flash grenade Mk III. Level 14 - Access to the skylight (collection by the agency) Level 15 - Lethal injection Mk III Level 16 - DJ Booth (starting point) Level 17 - transfer (Agency pickup) Level 18 - Biker Hangout (starting point) Level 19 - basement boiler room (Agency pickup) Level 20 - Remote Explosive Duck / Number Six coat with gloves


Level 2 -. Electronic Key Hacker Mk III / FacilityServer supply space (hidden hiding) Level 3 - Restaurant Back Stairwell (hidden hiding) Level 4 - Riverside Walkway (starting point) Level 5 - ICA Pen Syringe Emetic Level 6 - Corridor (Agency pickup) Level 7 - ICA Proximity concussion Device Mk III / restaurant kitchen (starting point). Step 8 - conditioning maintenance tunnel (Agency pickup) stage 9 - roof of the device (the starting point) Level 10 - ICA Tactical Shotgun / Facility Rooftop (hidden hiding) Level 11 - Arcade (Agency pickup) Level 12 - alley (Agency pickup) Level 13 - The block (starting point) stage 14 - ventilation space of the device (hidden hiding) Level 15 - ICA SMG Raptor Covert Level 16 - Balcony (starting point) Level 17 - The laundry (Hidden Stash) Level 18 - Apartment (Agency pickup) Level 19 - locker room setting (starting point) Level 20 - Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle Covert / Neon City suit with gloves


Level 2 - ICA DTI STEALTH / PARKING (starting location) Level 3 - Boat house (hidden hiding place) Level 4 - Weinberg (starting place) Level 5 - Kalmer 2 sedatives Level 6 - Workers bath (hidden hiding place) Level 7 - Ica Combat Ax / Tasting room (starting location) Level 8 - barrel space (agency collection) Level 9 - Shrine (starting place) Level 10 - Krugermeier 2-2 silver / cinema (starting place) Level 11 - Shrine (hidden hiding place) Level 12 - Steel tanks (agency collection) Level 13 - Sniper spot (starting place) Level 14 - Villa Attic (pickup by the agency) Level 15 - Dak Black Covert Level 16 - Grapefield Shed (agency collection) Level 17 - Dining area (starting place) Level 18 - Villa Keller (hidden hiding place Level 19 - Dance area (Hidden Stash) Level 20 - Winner 300 Viper / Black and White Smoking Set


Level 2 - HWK21 pale homemade silencer / laboratory (starting place) Level 3 - Outdoors (starting place) Level 4 - Proximity SemTex Demo Block Mk. III Level 5 - Ica Tactical Shotgun Covert

HITMAN 3 is now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, X | S The Xbox series, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia available.

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